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Q. What is the use of plastic testing instruments?

It is very important to test the plastic and polymers to know whether the material is suitable for the intended applications. It determines the quality durability and structural properties of plastic samples. Plastic testing instruments can help manufacturers improve their quality and reduce their sample rejection rate

Q. What are plastic testing instruments?

There are various plastic testing instruments which can be used by manufacturers depending upon the sample and the ASTM & IS standards. For eg to check the quality of plastic granules Melt flow index tester is used to check the flow rate and chemical & structural properties. Like this, there are many other instruments which can be used Tensile Strength tester, Izod Charpy impact tester, Heat deformation tester, Environmental crack resistance tester etc.

Q. What is the price of plastic testing instruments in India?

The testing instrument for plastic has a wide price range. Depending on the quality, using raw materials and size of the instruments; the price of the products varies. The starting range of the instrument is INR 2000 for basic instruments and the maximum range is INR 200000 for high-end instruments with the latest features and technology. You will find some non-branded cheap products in the market but there is no guarantee. Hence manufacturers must ensure only to procure testing instruments from a genuine manufacturer.

Q. From where to buy genuine plastic testing instruments?

To buy genuine plastic testing instruments, you must identify the authentic manufacturers. With their own factory and manufacturing units. They must have dedicated service support to provide you with prompt after-sales service. Spare parts and other machine components must also be branded and as per ASTM standards.

Q. How to get a free quotation for plastic testing instruments?

To get a free quotation for the plastic equipment, you need to contact genuine and authentic manufacturers. You can visit their website to get the contact number or email id. To get a free quotation from Testronix Instruments you can also contact the company at +91 9313 140 140 or