Surface Coating Testing Instruments

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Are you looking for high-quality lab testing instruments to test the surface coatings of the products? If yes, then we suggest you use Testronix Lab Testing Instruments. We offer high-quality surface coating testing instruments that will accurately test the surface coatings of the products. Surface testing instruments are widely used to test surface coatings against cracks, deformation, etc.

From salt spray chambers to coating thickness gauge and color matching cabinets, you will get a series of lab testing instruments that are available to test your products accurately. Whether you want to test the color of your surface coatings or their resistance to corrosion, then we at Testronix will provide you with high-quality lab testing instruments delivered at the best and most affordable prices. Our surface coating testing instruments are widely used in the automotive industry where there is a need of testing their product efficiently.

Different surface coating testing instruments include:

  • Salt Spray Chamber - Stainless Steel (Digital)

The Testronix Salt Spray Chamber is one the most accurate instruments for measuring the corrosion resistance of coating when exposed to a highly corrosive environment. In industries, the material is exposed to various types of climatic conditions and chemical fumes which cause corrosion of components and parts. Thus, testing the corrosion-resistant properties of these materials will help manufacturers to determine the quality of their products.


  • Color Matching Cabinet – Asia

Colors have an application in all industries and hence the manufacturer's industries focus on the quality and consistency of the color of the products manufactured by them. The color of the product needs to have a perfect shade and intensity and must match industry standards. Manufacturers must also ensure that they maintain the same consistency in all batches of materials produced by them. The Testronix color matching cabinet comes with different light sources that simulate various lighting conditions during the usage of products. All these light sources simulate the actual ambient lighting in different conditions and hence help in the testing of the color quality of the products.


  • Cupping Machine

The cupping machine is a unique instrument and has a unique application in the testing industry. The paint and coatings applied on a variety of products need to be tested and the efficiency and durability of these paints have to be tested to ensure quality. Thus, with the use of Testronix cupping strength tester, one can easily test metals and sheets for their cupping properties such as ductility, tensile strength, and durability of these sheets. If you want to know more about our lab testing instruments then you can contact us.