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    Testronix produces world-class Testing Instruments at affordable prices. This is achieved by better designing and mass production of parts and equipment using latest technologies. At Testronix customer is the key. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have kept things and systems simple, easy and straight forward.

    Reliable Testing Instruments Takes Many Forms

    We are a team of technocrats with over 25 years of experience in the field of instrumentation, having guided over 3000+ small, medium and large companies towards improving the quality of their products.

    At Testronix utmost care is taken for Design Simplification, Development, Quality and Training to ensure customer delight.

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    Difference between Manufacturer and Trader

    Testronix Manufacturer Other Traders /Suppliers
    Manufacturer has Complete control on Quality. You get the best product . Traders have No control on Quality. You do not know what you will get .
    Manufacturer has Complete Design control & spare part availability . Traders have No design control. He is at the mercy of manufacturer .Spare parts not available since not standardized .If machine Stops then no option but to scrap it.
    Full experience in product development & standards .Has to stay in the market for long . No experience in product development or standards.Wants to make quick money with 1-2 years experience as Salesman.
    Manufacturer Innovates & Improves .Delivers what he shows. Customer Pre Delivery Inspection possible to check Quality . All in the Open .Come Visit & Check. Copies others pictures and content and displays on his website and catalogue. Shows something and delivers something else. He will never let you Inspect the goods before Delivery as he cannot take you to his vendor . Secretive .
    NABL Calibration facilities Inhouse to ensure your machine gives accurate & reliable results . No Calibration facilities ,therefore you DON’T get accurate & reliable results . You are always fighting with Vendors & Buyers due to incorrect results of the machines .
    Demonstration & Testing facility Available even before you buy . No Demonstration or Testing facility available .Customer is in the dark till the time of delivery .Shocks & surprises would happen .
    Training facility in house for Team & Clients No training facility for Team & Clients.
    Professional Set up with complete Team ,Office & Factory with Design ,Manufacturing ,QC , Packing ,Accounting ,After Sales & Service .This enables long term Quality & support to the customer . Unprofessional working from home or shop with NO Team ,Office & Factory ,Design ,Manufacturing ,QC , Packing , Accounting , After Sales & Service .This ensures poor Quality product & NO support to the customer .
    Manufacturer will have a standard pricing since he has to make standardized product himself , provide a good product and give After Sales Service also . Trader may sell at a low price & get cheaper product made from anywhere or change the vendor also based on the price negotiated .He may not give After sales Service .
    Manufacturer provides Reliable services as fully Trained professional Team manages things. Unreliable services as single man show , if he leaves for holiday or anything happens to him the company Closes down .
    Manufacturer is there to stay and looks after customers in the long run . Trader is a middle man who takes all the profits. Customers get less even after paying more.

    The Choice is yours .Please invest your hard earned money correctly . Don’t believe the Websites blindly .Visit the Company you wish to Order your Quality Instruments .

    After all your reputation is at stake .Choose wisely !


    Every customer is very important to us and we always take care of them.


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    Quality is everyone's responsibility: W.Edwards Deming


    The testronix tensile strength instrument hence records the peak value at which the destruction took place and displays...


    Heat Seal Test is widely used in the packaging industry to determine the appropriate marking parameters (temperature, duration and pressure) of...


    The Testronix muffle furnace is used to determine the ash content of a specimen.The percentage of ash in a material...


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