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Testronix is a world-renowned laboratory testing instruments manufacturer with a penchant for serving your diverse quality testing needs. We supply an extensive range of cutting-edge testing equipment, premium measurement devices & spares at affordable rates.

Our customers vouch for our dedication to precision, innovation and technology. And we strictly adhere to the best quality assurance practices, providing exceptional long-term service support you can rely upon. Come, experience the Testronix difference!

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Why Our Clients Trust Testronix

Why Our Clients Trust Testronix
Testing Instruments company in india
Reliable Instruments.
Repeatable Results.

Our advanced testing instruments deliver 100% accurate, technically correct results you can trust. Peace of mind guaranteed.

World-Class Products
World-Class Products.
Reasonable Rates.

We have the technology, workforce and in-house infrastructure to manufacture top-of-the-line products at affordable prices.

Standardised Spares
Standardised Spares.
Trouble-Free Service.

No more local spare parts to damage your machinery. Get round-the-clock service support for years to come.

11+ Years
11+ Years.
1200+ Success Stories.

We are manufacturers, NOT traders, and the only organised player in the mid-price range of lab testing instruments.


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Q. What is lab testing equipment?

Lab testing equipment is quality testing instruments that have various applications in manufacturing; industries such as

  1. Paper & Corrugated box packaging
  2. Plastic and Polymer
  3. PET and Preform
  4. Automotive components
  5. Paint and plating
  6. Flexible films etc.

These instruments are used by professionals, researchers and Quality experts who test the quality and durability of the products/samples they manufacture.

Q. What is the price of lab testing equipment?

There are various types of lab testing instruments in India whose price can vary from equipment to equipment and model to model. The price of the lab testing equipment ranges from as low as 4000 INR to as high as 20 lakhs INR. There are different types of equipment which are manufactured by different companies. Therefore, the main deciding factor for the price of lab testing equipment is the quality of the product.

You may get many cheap lab testing instruments on the market but the quality and accuracy of the result may differ from branded products. It is advisable to buy high-quality lab testing equipment manufactured by leading brands in the market.

Q. How to find genuine lab testing equipment manufacturers in India?

To identify the genuine lab testing equipment manufacturer you need to check whether or not the supplier has his own manufacturing unit and check certifications. Every manufacturer must be certified and qualified to have the license to manufacture lab testing equipment. Moreover, one must always visit the manufacturing plants and showroom to ensure the credibility of the Lab testing equipment supplier. It is a must for customers to check if the lab testing instrument manufacturer has a reliable service support backup and prompt after-sales support.

Q. Why choose Testronix Instruments for buying lab testing equipment?

Testronix Instruments is a trusted name in the lab testing equipment industry. Testronix having its own manufacturing unit can provide excellent quality to its customers. Testronix understands the need for prompt customer service and has an in-house service team to attend to the customer instantly. We are working in this industry for the last decade and providing quality lab testing instruments to the national and international market leaders like Piramal, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Maruti Suzuki, Kone Elevators, UFLEX and Aditya Birla Group, Uniliver and many more.

Q. How to get a free quotation for lab testing equipment?

To get a free price quotation for lab testing instruments you can contact the company with your requirement, details from their mail id and phone number. To get a quotation from Testronix Instruments fill the form with requirements and you will get an instant call-back from the sales for the techno-commercial offer. You can connect with us anytime at +91 9313 140 140 or