Box Compression Tester Digital

Box  Compression Tester Digital

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Box Compression Tester Digital

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Model No: TX-BCT

Box Compression Tester is an accurate instrument used to calculate the compression Strength of cardboard and corrugated boxes, so that they do not get crushed when stacked together during transit or storage. Testronix is considered to be the best box compression tester manufacturers India. Box Compression Tester is designed to quantify the force which the box material can withstand. Box Compres.. Read more

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Box Compression Tester is an accurate instrument used to calculate the compression Strength of cardboard and corrugated boxes, so that they do not get crushed when stacked together during transit or storage. Testronix is considered to be the best box compression tester manufacturers India. Box Compression Tester is designed to quantify the force which the box material can withstand. Box Compression Tester is aesthetically designed and user friendly.


With the help of Box Compression Tester the compression Strength can be easily calculated.  This instrument helps in acting as an index of overall quality of the material and the compression capacity of the box.


Test Standards ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. 

Working Principle of Box Compression Tester

The working principle of Box Compression Tester is based on exerting force on the specimen in order to measure the compression strength that a corrugated box can withstand. The testing starts after the sample is placed on the rugged surface of the machine. After the right positioning of the sample, the motorized platform placed on top of it measuring 400mm X 450mm starts moving downward with the help of a lead screw forcing compression on the corrugated box. Once the compression starts you can find a resemblance to real-life cardboard stacking. The compression strength can be applied up to 500 KGF. The maximum compression strength or the force the corrugated was able to withstand is depicted on the digital meter for easy reading & retrieval of the test results.

    • Peak hold facility 
    • Motorized model with automatic platform adjustability 
    • Safety switch with downward and upward limit
    • Mild steel powder coated material 
    • Lead screw mechanism for extended load bearing capacity 
    • Noise free operation with rugged plates 
    • Twin column structure for dynamic testing 
    • Computerized model optional feature available 
    • Customizable platform size and load cell capacity 

    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results 
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform compression Force 
    • TARE and Peak Hold Facility Available  
    • Strong base plate with rugged structure 
    • POWER-220V, Single / Three phase, 50 Hz
    • LED digital display 

    Technical specifications

    TX - BCT 450

    TX - BCT 600

    TX BCT 1000

    Compression plate size

    450mm x 450mm

    600mm x 600mm

    1000mm x 1000mm


    500 Kgf
    1000 Lbf

    500 Kgf
    1000 Lbf

    2000 Lbf

    Least count




    Computerised Port

    Yes (Optional)

    Maximum Box size which must be placed as per standard

    400mm x 400mm

    550mm x 550mm

    950mm x 950mm


    ± 0.5% full scale (with master load)


Superb quality of box compression tester, very durable and accurate instrument


Superb quality of the instrument, I am fully satisfied with testronix instruments


I am satisfied with the machine, very accurate results. Easy to use machine


Testronix box compression tester has the best quality and is a precise instrument. It offers latest features and provides accurate results. I am fully satisfied with the service

Hritik Deshmukh

The box compression quality is superlative. I have been using the machine for the last 4 years and it is still working fine as good as new


Amazing experience with Testronix since 5 years of our company using Testronix's Box Compression Machine for testing the compression of corrugated boxes with a quick and at the same time a very accurate result . Thanks to the team for making our manufactu

Hemant Agnihotri

Most trustworthy instrument when it comes to testing of compressive strength of my corrugated boxes. Thanks to the cooperative team who is ever ready to support us whenever needed

Madan Mohan

Superlative quality of box compression tester.. testronix design team has done a wonderful job. The instrument has an aesthetic design and quality is amazing

Prakash Grover

Superb quality and precision of the product. The accuracy and finish is amazing. It is a great product and can be very easily used


Very good quality instrument..i have been using in my quality lab for checking quality of boxes. impressed with the quality and finsh


Being a QC Head , i would highly recommend this instrument .

Jeevika Mehta

How Box Compression Tester Digital Works?

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Q. What is the use of a box compression tester?

The box compression tester has various applications in the packaging testing industry. It is used for testing compressive strength on Corrugated Boxes, Cartons, Mono Cartons, Drums, Barrels etc. Compressive strength or pressure strength is the limit of material to endure heavy loads. The box compression strength tester also calculates the stack load of corrugated boxes.

Q. What is the box compression test procedure?

The Box compression tester used to check the stack load test/ compression strength test for corrugated boxes has a simple operation. The user simply has to put the box on the lower compression plate of the instrument. The operation test speed of 12.5mm /min compresses the corrugated box and displays the load value on the LED display of the instrument. The operation is simple and user friendly.

Q. What is the price of a box compression tester in India?

The price of Box compression tester instruments can differ depending on the model and instrument. While the price range starts from as low as INR 150,000, it can go up to INR 800,000 for high-end instruments. You may find the same product in different price ranges in the market. Most of the cheap products come from unbranded manufacturers/traders with no guarantee while the branded products of reputed manufacturers maintain high quality and come with branded spare parts and motors.

Q. From where to buy a genuine box compression tester?

You need to find a renowned manufacturer to buy a genuine Box compression tester. There are several traders in the market, but not everyone is a genuine manufacturer and can provide you with authentic and high-quality products. For that reason, you need to check if they have their own manufacturing unit and dedicated service set up. Customers must always check if the manufacturer has a dedicated and reliable in-house service set up.

Q. How to get a free quotation for a box compression strength tester?

To get a free price quotation for a Box compression tester you can contact the company with your requirement, details from their mail id and phone number. To get a quotation from Testronix Instruments fill the form with requirements and you will get an instant call-back from the sales for the techno-commercial offer. You can connect with us anytime at +91 9313 140 140 or