Digital Box Compression Tester at Best Price in Delhi-NCR

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Box Compression Tester is intended to test the compressive strength of standard size folded box, and holders that are fabricated of other material to test compressive strength.

Box compression tester follows industry standards like:

  • ASTM D4169
  • ASTM D462
  • ISO 12048

Box Compression Tester consists of using more pressure forces on the sample until it fails. In this way, a power curve can be obtained, to find the resistance of the package, to find the resistance of the package. It also provides reliable information to make sound decisions regarding packaging capacity (e.g. Specially designed for measuring the strength of the corrugated boxes/cartons.) The Box Compression tester is widely used to determine the compression resistance, twisting and strength of the box boxes and metal boxes.

Features that define the excellence of Testronix in Box Compression Tester are as follows:

  • Works on the motor system
  • Digital Indicators to show load
  • Load Sensor
  • Speed Drive for fast Home Positioning
  • Safety Limit Switch with Manual Lock
  • Powdered coated key parts

Here are three advantages of utilizing Testronix Box Compression Tester:

  • Wide Application :  Manufactured consistent with international standards, this highly reliable equipment are often effectively wont to evaluate the power of the sample to face up to specific loads. For finished packages, the Box Compression Tester are often wont to measure compressive strength and sturdiness of not only corrugated boxes, beehive crates, paper cases and cartons,but also paper tanks.


  • Simple to Operate and Customized Design : The Box Compression Tester is not difficult to work. Essentially place the folded box or bundle to be tried on the focal point of the lower plate of the pressure analyzer. As the test starts, the upper plate bit by bit moves descending and a predetermined burden is applied to the example. This applied power is caught by high quality load cells situated under the inflexible lower plate. When the framework distinguishes breakage of the example, the upper plate gets back to its underlying situation at most extreme speed.


  • Precise Results : Fitted with a Microprocessor based presentation, The Testronix  Box Compression Tester is famous for its exact test results, under uniform pressure Force. It is additionally given TARE and Peak HOLD facility, and a brilliant LED Display alongside plume contact controls. A discretionary printer office and mechanized models are likewise accessible.

Therefore, the box compression strength tester is a very important equipment used to ensure that the designing of a package is suitable and resistant. It is amazingly valuable in ensuring that the containers will keep up their uprightness during capacity and dealing with.

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