Paper Testing Instruments & Mono carton testing instruments

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Paper and Mono Carton Testing Instruments

Paper and Mono Carton testing instruments are extensively used in evaluating the quality of products that are utilized as raw material in paper or mono carton manufacturing industries. Testing equipment and instruments are necessary for checking different forms of paper, corrugated board, cardboard, because manufacturers need to ensure high quality of their products.

Quality and material testing machines are specially designed to evaluate various structural and chemical properties of paper and mono cartons. Engineers, product designers and manufacturers and quality control experts are enabled to develop good quality and effective materials, which meet industry standards and are useful. 

Useful Paper and packaging quality testing equipment

These instruments enable manufacturers to measure and calibrate various parameters such:

  • Resistance capacity of a packaging material against vertical compression load
  • Bursting strength
  • Edge Crush Strength
  • Ring Crush Strength
  • Flat Crush Strength
  • GSM and moisture content
  • Tearing strength
  • Paper stiffness

Testing equipment for Paper Testing & Mono Carton Testing

  • Box Compression Tester is widely used for evaluating and analyzing the vertical compression load on mono cartons.
  • Bursting Strength Tester is used for the evaluation of the bursting strength or bursting factor of paper or corrugated board under uniform load application.
  • Edge Crush Tester / RCT / ECT / FCT is an instrument which accurately measures and checks the edge crush strength of corrugated or non-corrugated cardboard sheets, as well as thick paper materials. It can also be used to measure RCT and FCT.
  • GSM Round Cutter with Weighing Balance is a standard measurement instrument for measuring GSM of paper. It is a test that is performed in all verticals that use paper, in any form, because this GSM measurement allows you to cut a specific standard sample of paper, an then, measure the weight of that accurately cut standardized sample of paper
  • Moisture Meter helps manufacturers to monitor and check the moisture level of packaging material – namely, paper and cardboard or both.
  • Cobb Sizing Tester - To analyze the water retention capacity of a paper-based material or cardboard, a Cobb Sizing Tester is used.