Test the edge crush strength of boxes with edge crush tester computerized

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In the world of packaging, ensuring the durability and strength of packaging boxes is paramount to guarantee the safe transportation and protection of goods. By subjecting packaging boxes to rigorous edge crush tests, manufacturers can assess their structural integrity and resilience under varying conditions. This testing process involves evaluating factors such as board material quality, adhesive bonding efficiency, and overall design robustness to identify any potential weaknesses that could compromise the safety and security of packaged products during transit. Thus, to make it easy for packaging manufacturers to conduct a quality test on materials, we at Testronix have designed a high-quality edge crush tester, a computerized model.

This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that can be used to calculate the edge crush strength of boxes and provide computerized test reports. Besides this, it comes with a microprocessor-based display for accurate testing results. In this blog, we will discuss brief information about the Testronix edge crush tester and how it is helpful in testing the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes.

What is edge crush strength and why it is important to test the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes?

Edge crush strength is a vital measure of the structural integrity and durability of corrugated boxes, making it an essential factor in packaging design and selection. This quality parameter of corrugated boxes will determine how much weight a corrugated box can endure before losing its shape, ensuring that the contents remain protected during transportation and storage. Corrugated boxes are particularly useful for testing edge crush strength due to their unique construction.

By subjecting corrugated boxes to rigorous edge crush tests, manufacturers can assess how well the packaging material will protect its contents during transportation and handling processes. This will ensure that fragile items will get protected throughout the supply chain.

You can easily test the edge-wise compressive strength of corrugated boxes with a Testronix edge crush tester.

Now, let us discuss brief information about Testronix edge crush tester.

All about Testronix edge crush tester computerized

The Testronix edge crush tester is a high-quality lab testing instrument designed to assess the crushing resistance of various materials like corrugated boxes. This computerized tester boasts an array of features, including safety switches with upward and downward limit switches to ensure secure operation.

Its robust mild steel powder-coated body guarantees durability, with dimensions measuring 600x500x863 mm. Users can opt for thermal printer connectivity for convenient reporting. What sets this tester apart is its computerized test report facility, allowing for graphical test reports and email notifications. The inbuilt computerized software simplifies data management, while the microprocessor-based display ensures precision in test results. This versatile testing instrument includes separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crushes tests, delivering highly accurate compression strength results in terms of Kg/Unit length. With feather-touch controls, the Testronix RCT/FCT/Edge Crush Tester is your go-to solution for comprehensive material testing needs.

You can easily ensure the durability of corrugated boxes with the help of this testing equipment. Now, let us discuss the working of this quality testing equipment.

How does edge crush tester computerized work?

Testronix’s Edge Crush Tester is precise testing equipment that is utilized which helps in measuring the crush strength of cardboard boxes and packaging containers. It is used under the Testing Standard of IS 7063. This is one of the most popular machines for testing the edge crush strength of the materials. The following are the 3 types of tests which can be performed with the help of the Testronix ECT machine:

  1. Ring Crush Test

  2. Edge Crush Test

  3. Flat Crush Test

Now, let us discuss the working of this quality testing equipment:

  • Turn the machine ON and place the specimen in the fixture compression plates according to the type of test you want to perform.

  • To perform the edge crush test, place the edge crush test fixture with the erected edge of the specimen facing the upper compression plate.

  • After placing the specimen correctly, press RESET and TARE to set the value at the peak load indicator to zero.

  • Install the Wintest software, and connect the machine to the computer with RS-232 TO USB cable. Check connectivity by right-clicking on the computer then manage then on manage devices then on communication port, check port number to which RS-232 to USB cable is being connected.

  • Then open the software, and the password is the date and month displayed on the computer screen. Click on settings, enter password 123, enter com port value, enter minimum and maximum load value for pass/fail analysis then click on save.

  • Click on the start key from the software & turn the rotary switch in the up direction. After the lower compression plate starts compression of the specimen, there will be an increase in the value of the load indicator. The same load value can be viewed in the graph of Load VS time.

  • After a certain increase in the load value, the value on the load display will decrease after there is a deflection in the specimen.

  • After there is a decrease in value, turn the rotary switch to the off position to stop the machine. turn the rotary switch in an upward direction so that display reads zero compression load value. Then click on the start key (to stop communicating with the machine)/ hold the key (if the user wants to take another graph on the same). the graph of Load vs deflection is generated, user can save it in pdf format.

  • Once the machine moved up, the display showing the load will return to zero and the deflection display will freeze.

In this way, you can easily conduct the edge crush test and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers.

If you want to know more about this quality testing equipment like edge crush tester price, features and technical specifications, then you can give us a call at +91 9313 140 140   or email us at info@testronixinstruments.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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