Top 8 Ways Edge Crush Tester Can Improve Quality

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In the corrugated industry, there are a large number of tests that need to be done. These all tests are used to measure the strength of corrugated boxes that will help the manufacturers to understand whether the product can withstand any pressure or not. One of the most useful testing instruments that will help you to determine the strength of corrugated boxes is the edge crush tester. This testing instrument will help you to understand the rough handling durability of corrugated materials like cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, etc.

The edge crush test or ECT is one of the effective methods that make use of this testing instrument to test edge wise compressive strength of corrugated boxes. You will find the crushing resistance in kg/unit length. However, for testing the edge crush of material, you can easily make use of the edge crush tester from Testronix.

Features of edge crush tester

The edge crush test for corrugated boxes conducted by the Testronix edge crush tester will help you to store the goods effectively and also avoid any further damage to your products. There are many features of using this amazing testing instrument. Here we have created a list of features mentioned below.

  • This testing machine from Testronix consists of a microprocessor-based display for accurate results.
  • You can easily conduct different tests with the help of this machine i.e. edge crush, flat crush, and ring crush test.
  • You will get highly accurate results under the compression force.
  • Also, the load cell capacity of the edge crush test is 100kgf with safety switch upward and downward limit switches.
  • You will also get thermal printer connectivity optional feature with this testing tool.

For more product information, you can easily visit the product page of the website.

Top 10 ways edge crush test is essential for the packaging industry

The edge crush test depicted by the edge crush tester from Testronix testing instruments will help you in a large number of ways. Not only can you protect your goods while transportation and shipping, but also you will evaluate compression strength so that the goods will not get damaged. So, you will get more competitive with your products.

Here we have listed some valuable ways that depict edge crush tester as an essential part of the packaging industry. So, let us get started!

  1. Edge crush test is an important part of the manufacturing process. It provides valuable information about your product like compression strength, buckling load, etc.
  2. If it passes, then you know that your product can withstand a high level of pressure. If it fails, then you need to make adjustments before the next test in your product.
  3. A failed edge crush test may indicate that your products are not durable enough and could break easily while in use. Thus with the help of this testing machine from Testronix Testing Instruments, you will get an idea about the durability of products.
  4. There are many reasons for failed edge crush test of a particular product. It will include too much glue or poor material selection. The Edge crush test is a simple and efficient way to determine the quality of your packaging.
  5. It can be used for determining whether or not it will withstand a drop, as well as other forces that may damage it. Thus, the higher the score on an edge crush test, the better your product's packaging will be. In order to ensure you're using high-quality materials, make sure they all pass this test before going into production.
  6. The edge crush tester is one of the most useful testing instruments that will help to improve your product delivery rate as it will help you determine the compression rate of a package.
  7. You will get a more competitive edge in the market with the use of ECT from Testronix.
  8. With the help of this amazing testing equipment from Testronix, you will easily be able to get the protection of goods packed for delivery.


Here in this blog, we have mentioned the use of an edge crush testing machine from Testronix and how it serves to be helpful for improving your product delivery rate. Thus, you can easily go with this testing machine. We’ve been providing the best instrumentation for all your product testing needs for over 25 years. Our dedication to customer service and quality products has made us one of the leading suppliers in this industry, so if you need assistance finding a supplier or want more information about our company, just give us a call!

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