Test Edgewise Compressive Strength of corrugated boxes with an Edge Crush Tester

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Have you ever wondered how strong the edges of your packaging boxes really are? Whether you're shipping products for delivery or for storage, then the boxes will get damaged edge-wise. It is important for corrugated box manufacturers to measure edgewise compressive strength to ensure accurate delivery of the product. Thus, we at Testronix have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as an edge crush tester. This is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that is used to test the edge-wise compression strength of the material and help manufacturers in passing all quality audits.

In this blog post, we'll dive into what an edge crush tester is, how it works, and why understanding edgewise compressive strength is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of your packaging. So, let us get started!

Introduction: What is Edge Crush Strength and why it is important?

The Edge Crush Strength (ECS) is a measure of a material's resistance to crushing under an applied edge crush load. This quality test is performed by applying a compressive force to the edge of a specimen of the material being tested. Testing the edge crush strength of packaging material like corrugated boxes is important because it is a good indicator of how well a material will perform in applications where it will be subject to edge loading, such as in packaging.

Edge crush strength is often used as a quality control measure for materials like corrugated cardboard and paperboard. You can easily test the durability of corrugated boxes by testing their edge crush strength. Testronix is a leading edge crush tester manufacturer and designs this quality testing equipment as per industry standards. This makes it easy for the manufacturers to conduct edge crush tests on the materials.

Now, let us discuss a brief about Testronix edge crush tester.

All about Testronix edge crush tester

The Testronix Edge Crush Tester is a reliable and efficient package testing instrument designed for evaluating the edge crush strength of various materials. It incorporates several notable features, including safety switches with upward and downward limit switches, ensuring enhanced user safety during operation.

This quality lab testing instrument is built with a sturdy mild steel body that is powder coated, providing durability and resistance to corrosion.

With compact dimensions of 600x500x863 mm, it offers a space-saving solution for packaging testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Additionally, Testronix offers a computerized model of the tester upon request, enabling automated testing procedures and data analysis. You can read more on the edge crush strength tester computerized model.

Now, let us discuss briefly the advantages of edge crush tester in the packaging industry.

Advantages of Edge Crush Tester in the Packaging Industry

An edge crush tester is a valuable testing instrument for understanding the edgewise compressive strength of materials. There are many advantages to using an edge crush tester, including:

Accurate and repeatable results: An edge crush tester provides accurate and repeatable results, allowing you to test the strength of materials against compressive forces.

Versatile testing capabilities: An edge crush tester can be used to test a variety of materials, including paperboard, corrugated board, and folding cartons.

Reliable & quick testing: Reliable and durable packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products during transit. By using the Edge Crush Tester, packaging companies can ensure that their packaging materials and designs meet the necessary strength requirements. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, as products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

- Quality Control: By utilizing the edge crush tester, packaging manufacturers can maintain strict quality control standards. They can test and verify the strength of various materials used in packaging, such as corrugated boards, cartons, and paperboards. This allows them to identify any potential weaknesses or flaws in the packaging design and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

These are some of the advantages one can get with the use of Testronix edge crush tester in the packaging industry. You can easily conduct edge crush tests, ring crush tests and flat crush tests on the materials with the help of Testronix edge crush testing instruments. You can read more on the significance of edge crush testers in the packaging industry.

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