Packaged Food Testing and FMCG packing testing Instruments

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Packaged Food Testing and FMCG packing testing Instruments

In today’s modern times, packaging of food and FMCG products is becoming more and more popular. Attributed to their qualities of flexibility, elongation, better tensile strength and maximum resistance against extreme conditions, such food packaging materials are currently in very high demand, in several industries.

With the rise of competition in the market, manufacturers must deliver high-quality in order to build their brand and get repeat orders from their clients. To ensure this and maintain their superlative quality, it is imperative that every aspect of the packaging – laminates/ shrink sleeve/pouch packaging/labeling – must be tested and strictly adhere to international standards.

Thus, from resistance to maximum stress (under situations such as extreme weathering conditions and transportation or storage) o enduring vertical load as well as extreme heat, dry heat, a sudden impact and pressure, the packaging material should be tough, durable and strong.

Properties & Parameters for Testing of Food Packaging and FMCG Products

Evaluation of food packaging & FMCG product packets should be conducted for the following properties and parameters:

  • Adhesion Strength
  • Peeling Strength
  • Resistance against free-falling dart
  • Seal Strength
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Vacuum leakage
  • Wall thickness
  • Resistance to dry heat

Testing Machines & equipment for Food Packaging & FMCG Packaging Testing

Peel / Seal / Bond and Adhesion Strength Tester is used to test the adhesion strength of packaging seals as well as peel-off labels. Based on evaluation of the seal adhesion between two surfaces stuck together, it is highly recommended for use.

Dart Impact Tester is used for analysis of the sudden impact of a free-falling dart. The free-falling dart is allowed to fall on the packaging film/laminate/shrink packaging. This simple test can help the manufacturer predict the level of damage on the product, when it is subjected to such situations, during storage and transport.

Laboratory Heat Sealer is widely used to evaluate and check the seal quality of packaging, under heating conditions. It is commonly seen that as the heat levels increase, many seal adhesives don't work. This valuable equipment helps manufacturers to test the performance of distinct adhesion products and compare results.

Coefficient of Friction Tester is used by manufacturers to test the coefficient of friction value of plastic and evaluate the impact of friction. Based on the results they can observe and analyze how a product, behaves under the impact of frictional forces.