Testronix’s Salt Spray Testing Machines Secure the Future of Businesses

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Corrosion is commonly termed as rusting of ferrous metals. The attack of corrosion is capable of killing entire iron structures such as buildings, plant leakages, collapsing of oil pipelines and so many vital examples that can directly affect our lives. Salt spray Testing Chambers are conducted in a closed testing chamber just so that we save ourselves from disasters.

Need for Salt Spray Testers
Humidity and moisture are understood to be a common factor that determines corrosive environments and causes corrosion. However, there may a list of other factors that produce decay such as:

  • Ratios of the concentrations of the major environmental constituents, especially moisture and humidity
  • High salt concentration, mainly sodium chloride
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Relatively high and constant pH
  • Solubility for gases, especially oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Presence of organic compounds

Such subtle and evident factors, listed above effectively produce corrosive environments and result in a make-or-break situation. A stitch in time saves nine is an old adage that can work very quickly if rusting is capped and prevented at the right time for metallic products. Salt spray chamber manufacturers, like Testronix Testing Instruments, can save eventual losses that business set-ups are likely to suffer, or else, prevent it entirely by safely using the Testronix salt spray chambers.

How does it work?
Imitating a corrosive situation, saltwater fog is applied via a spray nozzle inside a safe chamber in order to test the actual life of a metallic product. This dense fog is used after a period of time, depending on the corrosion resistance of a product. Thereafter, the appearance of oxides is also evaluated. This is done in order to ascertain that the more resistant a product is, the longer it takes for the oxides to appear. On an average, periods of testing can are variable and can be anywhere between 24 and 1,000+ hours, depending on certain coatings.

The size of the object, along with the procedure of testing and test duration needs due understanding. While the testing is in progress, an accelerated corrosive attack predicts how well the coating protects is able to protect the metal. Testronix Salt Spray machines use racks to safely keep the objects that need to be tested. At other times, the metal object is normally hung from a rod or a hook in the chamber. This brings exposure to maximum surface area for testing possibilities. The size of the chamber may easily be customized as per the requirements of our customers. Else, on an average, typically fifteen cubic feet of space is used inside the chamber. The custom-designed chambers that are made to fulfill the need of customer requirement offer additional customer satisfaction.

The role of salt spray test chamber manufacturers in testing is vital. Testing can be a costly procedure, however, a mandatory requirement in order to secure business in the long run. A wise manufacturer would always make the right choice to undergo environmental testing, in case she/he is looking at long-term expenditure and future benefit of the business.

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