How does a Salt Spray Chamber work?

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Salt spray testing is related to checking the stimulation of specimen in a certain environment. It will be used to check the corrosiveness of metal in the saline environment. Thus, many industrialists make use of salt spray chamber to conduct the salt spray tests. It will be used as an accelerated means of testing the quality of surface coatings. You can easily buy a Salt Spray Chamber from Testronix Testing Instruments. This is one of the most accurate instruments that have been designed by Testronix in order to test the resistance of coating in a corrosive environment.

Testronix is considered to be one of the best salt spray chambers manufacturers in India. They have specifically designed this amazing testing instrument with a rust-proof ability of components that will help you to withstand the corrosive atmosphere that has been created inside the chamber.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the salt spray chamber working. Thus you can read its step by step working process mentioned below. You can easily purchase this testing instrument from Testronix, as you will get the best salt spray chamber price here.

So, let us get started with the working of this testing equipment.

Working of the salt spray chamber

In metal industries, the material gets exposed to various type of climatic conditions and the chemical fumes which will cause corrosion will play a role there. Thus, it is very important to test the materials to analyse their quality. This salt chamber from Testronix consists of a triple wall which ensures that there will be 100% insulation inside the chamber. It works with compressed air pressure and has been embedded with several features like a built-in control panel for precise parameters, a robust and corrosion-free body and many others. So, to test the sample, you need to follow some crucial steps.

  • This testing machine contains a chamber where the saltwater solution is automized by utilizing the air pressure.
  • It will lead to dense water fog inside the chamber. When the specimen will be placed inside the chamber then the rate of corrosion will be displayed through which it can withstand.
  • Important parameters like Temperature & Time can be programmed.
  • The testing can be done with a pure solution of water in order to calculate the resistance ability of the surface.
  • The rounds as well as the cycles of the test are set as per the needs and requirements of testing.

So, in this way, you can easily predict the future of the product. Thus, you can buy this testing instrument from Testronix Testing Instruments. They are considered to be the best salt spray chamber manufacturers in Delhi and NCR.

It is the fact that each laboratory has a slightly different setup and the basics would be the same in every laboratory for testing the quality of the materials. This amazing testing instrument of Testronix will be available at the best prices. If you want to get the demo of its working or want to consult with us, then you can easily call us at +919313140140 or you can email us at We are happy to assist you.

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