Top 6 Advantages of Using Testronix Salt Spray Chamber

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Corrosion is a natural process that affects all metal products. It occurs when the metal reacts with its environments, such as water or air, and causes it to deteriorate. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements for these items. For this reason, many organizations test their metals periodically so they know how well they are performing over time and in different climates. If you are the one, working in the metal industry can make use of Testronix Salt Spray Chamber to test the corrosion of metals. This amazing testing instrument will provide you with accurate information about corrosion testing of the surface coatings. The salt-laden environment will be generated inside the chamber for which the specimen will be tested for quality. This time-tested instrument from Testronix is considered to be the most reliable one with its embedded features and technical specifications.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 6 advantages you will get with the use of this testing instrument. But first, we will talk over the features and specifications of this testing instrument that makes it unique for testing.

How Testronix salt spray chamber is different from other brands?

The Testronix salt spray chamber is one of the best testing instruments that have been equipped with several advanced features and specifications that make it unique. In the metal industry, metal manufacturers make use of this testing instrument to test the corrosion properties of their products. Testing for corrosion can help determine how well your metal product will hold up against external factors such as moisture and heat. This knowledge can also help companies develop better metals that are more resistant to rusting or other types of degradation caused by exposure to the elements. Thus, the help of this testing instrument by Testronix will help you in measuring the corrosion resistance of coating when exposed to a highly corrosive environment. There are many features of using this testing instrument that make it unique from other brands. We have mentioned them below.

Features of Testronix salt spray chamber

There are many features you will get with Testronix Salt Spray Chamber –PVC. You can read them below:

  • Consists of testing solution inlet for accurate results
  • Inbuilt control panel for set precise parameters
  • Measuring barrel for salt collection
  • Robust and corrosion-proof equipment
  • Specimen Viewing canopy transparent
  • The angle of canopy designed as per standards for accurate test results
  • 100% compliance to ASTM B117
  • Optional accessories:
  1. Air saturator
  2. Fog collection unit
  3. Touch screen HMI computerized interface
  4. pH meter

These are the features of using the Testronix salt spray chamber PVC model. Now, read on the technical specifications of this testing instrument.

  • Compressed Air Pressure - 1.0~6.0 Kgf
  • Spray Volume - 1.0~2.0ml /80cm2 /h(working at least 16 hours, and take the average
  • value)
  • Lab Temperature - Saline test (NSS ACSS) 35±1 C & Corrosion Test
  • Pressure chamber Temperature - Saline test method / Corrosion Test
  • Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Size of testing specimen - 150x70mm or 100x65mm
  • Pressure adjustment - 1.00± 0.01kgf/cm2
  • Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Chamber Size L600 x W400x H450

With the use of this testing instrument, you can easily prevent corrosion in the surface coatings of the metal. The above technical specifications of the Testronix salt spray chamber –PVC model will help you to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of this product.

Top 6 benefits you will get with Testronix salt spray chamber

The Testronix salt spray chamber –is leakproof and complies with ASTM B117 standards. The instrument also consists of an optional feature of an air saturator which further enhances the compliance to the ASTM B117 standard. Here is the list of the top 6 advantages you will get with this testing machine.

  • The Testronix salt spray chamber can easily detect how your material will react to different environmental conditions.
  • You will get highly accurate testing results with the salt spray testing process.
  • This testing instrument has been made with a triple-wall structure that will restrict the entry of moisture or any contaminant in the chamber.
  • The salt will easily mix in the water and can be sprayed on the surface of the equipment using an atomizer.
  • It will accurately test the effects of corrosion on your product within some testing hours.
  • This chamber will automatically create an artificial environment to conduct this test.

These are some amazing advantages you will get with the Testronix salt spray chamber. Give us a call at +91 9313 140 140 or email us at, to get information about its working process.

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