Porcelains And Ceramics Testing Instruments

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Porcelains And Ceramics Testing Instruments

Quality control is an essential part of any manufacturing process. In order to build their brand, manufacturers must use testing instruments to ensure high quality products. Ceramic & porcelain testing instruments play a vital role in this process. Bursting strength testers help to measure the amount of pressure a product can withstand before breaking. Drop testers help to determine how well a product can withstand being dropped from a certain height. Impact testers help to measure the amount of force a product can withstand without being damaged. Gloss meters help to measure the amount of light reflected off of a product's surface. By using these testing instruments, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet high quality standards.

  • Color Matching Cabinet is used to maintain colour consistency of ceramic. Colour Matching Cabinet is based on the assessment and evaluation of color of the sample under different light sources, namely - filament light, ultra violet light, artificial daylight, and tube light TL 84 (which is also known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light).
  • Bursting Strength Tester is used for the evaluation of the bursting strength or bursting factor of ceramic or porcelain material under uniform load application.
  • Drop Tester – This instrument is used for evaluation of sample under test by free fall method. During the test the sample is aligned in an accurate manner so that it can be dropped from certain heights, in a free fall. The sample is allowed to drop on a flat surface in a free fall.


The flat surface of the Drop Tester is hard, usually made of steel or concrete. The break resistance of the material is then, recorded.

Our Ceramic & Porcelain Testing instruments provide you with accurate results so you can be confident in the quality of your products. Use our instruments to ensure your products meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

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