Glass Products Testing Instruments

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Glass Testing Instruments are widely used in the glass industry to ensure high quality of glass products. There are many different types of glass testing instruments available on the market, each with their own unique purpose. However, some of the most common glass testing instruments include Spectrophotometers, which are used to measure the light transmittance of a glass sample; Thermometers, which are used to measure the thermal conductivity of a glass sample; and Viscometers, which are used to measure the viscosity of a glass sample. In addition to these more common glass testing instruments, there are also specialized instruments designed for specific types of tests, such as stress tests or impact tests. No matter what type of glass testing instrument is being used, it is important that it meets ASTM Standards in order to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Box compression testers are widely used in the glass industry for quality control purposes. Box compression testers measure the compressive strength of glass containers, which is an important indicator of the quality of the glass. Box compression testers are used to test glass in accordance with ASTM Standards. Box compression testers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Box compression testers are used to test a variety of glass products, including windows, windshields, and Mirrors. Box compression testers are an essential tool for ensuring the high quality of glass products.

Three Important Machines for Glass Product Testing

Glass Material tests typically simulate anticipated mechanical and thermal conditions that a product made of glass is likely to encounter during the handling and transportation process. Three most important equipment:


  1. Box Compression Tester is a very useful equipment, which helps to determine the packaging strength of the material. It thus ensures the security of stacked glass packages. Besides allowing for the characterization of the product and packaging systems, it also simulates the stress elements experiment during the process of transit and transportation.
  2. Bursting Strength Tester Machine is equipped to identify failure of a package by studying a parameter called bursting strength. This Bursting Factor is measured in the direction of least resistance for evaluating physical strength and fiber bond strength of the sample under analysis.


  1. Drop Testing Machine simulates the drops and rotational impacts that may affect products during shipping and handling. It ensures that the glass material is strong enough to endure vibration, shock, humidity as well as pressure that it could be exposed to at the time of transportation, stocking and distribution. All these parameters can be evaluated by performing drop tests, using Drop Tester machine.



How can Tesronix Testing Machines help you optimize your glass product material?

Testronix offers a wide range of options for testing equipment that offer two clear advantages: their innovative design and their intuitive way of use. Testing of glass materials using reliable testing machines manufactured by Testronix involves determination of physical properties so as to ensure the safety of the product and highest quality.