What is the use of carton box compression tester for boxes?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Have you ever thought of how different packaging and manufacturing companies will transport their materials without getting them damaged? Do you also want to ensure that your products will also get delivered without getting damaged? If yes, then it is important for you to test the reliability of your products beforehand. This can be done with the use of a highly specialized and standardized laboratory testing instrument known as a box compression tester.

This is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that has been designed to test the compression strength of transportation and packaging boxes. This high-quality carton box compression tester will help the manufacturers assess the strength of your cartons accurately and ensure that their packages will not get vandalized due to rough handling.

Thus, with our Box compression tester, manufacturers can easily and effectively test the compression strength of boxes and cartons and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. So, let us get started!

A Brief Introduction to box compression tester designed for cartons

Box compression testing equipment is a high-quality testing equipment that will easily and effectively evaluate the strength and durability of packaging materials such as boxes, crates, containers, and much more. This quality testing equipment will easily measure the pressure that a material can easily handle without getting ruptured.

Testronix has designed this high-quality that will help the manufacturers easily measure the compression strength of the materials so that they can withstand without getting damaged.

The results of this test will help the manufacturers in ensuring that the packages will remain intact and undamaged during the journey from production to transportation.

Thus, by testing the compression strength of boxes, manufacturers can easily increase the durability of paper and packaging materials.

Testronix is the best box compression tester manufacturer in Delhi NCR. You will get the best box compression tester price only at our manufacturing firm.

The key Advantageous Features of the box compression tester

When you work in a paper and packaging industry, using box compression tester is of great benefit. For paper and packaging manufacturers, testing the quality and integrity of boxes is important to ensure that these boxes will not get damaged.

Here are the top features of the box compression tester.

  • One of the biggest advantages one can get with the use of a box compression tester is that this testing instrument will effectively test the compression strength of boxes and provide a sense of assurance of quality amongst manufacturers.
  • Another big advantage of the Box compression tester is its simplistic design which allows manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry to quickly learn the working process f the instrument and move towards accuracy-driven results.
  • The instrument has a rugged surface at the positioning platform for the sample with cut-out labels for zero slippage as well as accurate placement of the specimen for precise & accurate testing.
  • The box compression tester is equipped with a motorized platform that runs on the core of the lead screw which allows an even & uniform pressure over the specimen, ensuring highly accurate results due to the uniformity of the exerted pressure.
  • The instrument offers a robust build quality with an amalgamation of mild steel as well as stainless steel. The two materials used for the development of the instrument indicate anti-rusting properties especially when coated with a 7-layered powder paint.
  • The lab testing equipment is incorporated with a microprocessor-based display that shows accurate results, allowing the operator to critically analyze the achieved results with the previously obtained ones due to its ability to keep track of the previous 9 recordings.

  • The compression tester also possesses safety features due to the incorporation of the limit switches. The limit switches are an extremely important factor in ensuring the avoidance of over travel which may cause damage to the instrument & fatal accidents.
  • The instrument is offered as per the requirement of the consumer. For example, the instrument is available with different load cell capacities and different sizes to ensure the testing of all kinds of specimens to be tested.

All these features combine together to provide a seamless experience of testing without any kind of hassle to the operator and also allow manufacturers to achieve highly accurate results.

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration during the installation of the instrument to enhance the potential of these features to a greater extent.

Considerable Installation Factor for Maximum Accuracy

Although the lab testing equipment is a feature-loaded product to enhance these features and bring out the best from the input of manufacturers creating box compression testers, it is highly necessary to install the instrument in a specifically designated manner.

The box compression tester is one such lab testing equipment that can only perform the tasks with uniformity if the surface at which the instrument is installed is even and able to withstand the weight of the instrument. Therefore, the operator must make sure about the evenness & durability of the floor.

It is highly necessary to install the instrument in an open wide area away from any hindrances to make sure that the box being tested on being deformed does not impact other things kept close to the instrument.

The instrument must get a constant supply of electricity during the course of testing, this is why it becomes vital to install the instrument nearby to the power plug.

There are other factors that need to be considered which are mentioned in the quick start guide provided. As the leading lab testing instrument manufacturers we urge you to install the device under the supervision of experts.

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