How Does a Cobb Sizing Tester Help to Enhance the Quality of Paper Products?

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The paper and its related products are used for the manufacturing of packaging material. They have certain properties that will help to protect the products from different external factors. Therefore, it is very important for you to determine the effectiveness of paper even in the water. One of the major aspects, you can check to determine the paper quality is that how much it absorbs the water at a given interval of time. To make this effective test, you can easily make use of a Cobb Sizing Tester.

The cobb tester from Testronix has equipped with several amazing features that will help you to determine the cobb value of a certain substance in a specific period of time. Here we are going to discuss the cobb test and how you can easily enhance the quality of testing with a cobb tester? So, let us get started with it.

Introduction about cobb test done by cobb sizing tester

The paper and fiberboard are tended to attract hot water molecules from the surrounding environment. Thus with the help of the cobb test, you will be able to determine the ability of paper to resist the penetration of water. If too much water gets absorbed by the fiberboard then it may be difficult for the box to retain its ability to maintain integrity and strength.  

This extra absorption of water may also result in the separation of the outer layer which in turn will break the box. This would be very dangerous for packages that are heavy and need much more care while delivering.

Therefore, it is very important for you to make use of testing instruments that would easily determine the quality of fiberboard or corrugated boxes in which you are delivering the materials. The cobb tester from Testronix Testing Instruments is one of the great instruments that will help you to the quantity of water that has been absorbed by the paper. Thus, you can easily make use of the cobb tester testing instrument from Testronix. Now, let us focus on how this amazing testing equipment will help in determining the quality.

How you can enhance the quality of the product with a cobb sizing tester?

This testing equipment will help to determine the quality of paper and paper boards in the following ways:

  • This instrument will help in assisting the measurement of water absorbed by paper or its related materials.
  • You can set the time frame and estimate its absorbency.
  • When you get to know about the quality of water absorbed by the material, then you can make use of standardized conditions to deliver your products.

The fast locking mechanism of the lightweight and resilient cobb sizing testing machine will allow you to do hassle-free operations. Thus, you will be able to get accurate results with a high-grade stainless steel test area. You can easily place the sample on a flat base with flexible backing. After placing the sample, you can determine the quantity of water absorbed by the specimen. You can check out more testing instruments at Testronix available at affordable prices.

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