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Packaging of products & tools is widely accepted in corrugated boxes due to their high-quality and ergonomic body structure which allows the shipment operators to carry them in a minimum required space when empty and still form a durable box when needed. The top-notch invention is used all across the globe for freight, shipment, transportation of products even for inter-continent travel.

The corrugated boxes can be folded like a textile and can be carried with absolute ease when empty, however, when the boxes are filled with products & tools inside them, it becomes difficult to manage space as shipments are ordered on a large scale and the transport space is always limited. Therefore, shipment operators stack these boxes on each other for easy & smooth saving of space and allow maximum products to be shipped in one go.

box compression tester

Stacking these boxes on one another can be a hassle to the durability of the box in the case of weak edges or a compromised quality corrugated sheet utilized for the production of these corrugated boxes. To get away from such issues and curb them smoothly, the leading lab testing instrument company – Testronix has come up with an outstanding lab testing equipment called the box compression tester.

The instrument is designed to simulate real-life stacking that a corrugated box experiences during storage or transit. This evaluates the ability of corrugated boxes to withstand compression when stacked and attain higher quality levels if there is uncertainty.

Working Module of the Box Compression Strength

The box compression tester manufacturer ensures that the instrument is equipped with an extremely easy-to-use working module that allows the operator to generate familiarity with the instrument expeditiously and perform precise simulations.

  • To begin with the compression test, the operator has to place the corrugated box on the testing platform between the carved-out labels for precise placement of the sample.

box compression test

  • After the placement of the corrugated box, the operator can turn the instrument on and enable the movement of the compression place associated with the lead screw for smooth movement. The instrument is turned on with the help of a rotary switch on the control panel.

box compression testing machine

  • The downward movement of the compression plate forces compression strength on the corrugated box being tested.

box compression testing

  • The corrugated box withstands the compression strength to its peak and after attaining the maximum peak, the box starts getting deformed as it can’t withstand the strength of the compression plate anymore.

box compression tester

  • The operator can review the results from the indicator i.e. the microprocessor-based digital display. The digital display of the instrument indicates both the deformation of the corrugated box that occurred after withstanding the peak value and the peak value i.e. the maximum compression strength that the specimen could withstand.
  • Once the specimen is fully deformed, the compression plate starts moving back to its original state due to the incorporation of the highly advanced limit switches which restricts the compression plate of the box compression testing machine to over-traveling.

All these testing measures are conducted with utmost precision in order to attain the topmost accuracy while imitating the stacking of boxes.

The instrument has certain specifications that are necessary to be given adherence to precise information about the instrument.

Specifications of the Box Compression Tester

  • The instrument is available in different sizes & variable forces as well for the placement of the sample and the compression of the same respectively.
  • The speed at which the compression plate operates is 1200 mm per minute which is aligned with the statutory guidelines mentioned in the standard compliances.
  • The base plate for the specimen positioning has a rugged structure that allows the operator to achieve high levels of accuracy by ensuring no movement of the specimen during the course of testing.
  • The instrument is built with mild steel to ensure longevity and avoid rusting or corrosion for a longer duration of time.
  • The control panel of the instrument is equipped with a rotary switch, various feather touch controls as well as a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the operating function of the instrument. The digital display indicates the attained results as peak value i.e. the maximum compression strength as well as the deformity that happened due to the compressive strength applied after the peak value.

These are all the necessary specifications that are important to be taken care of while conducting the box compression testing.

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