Color Measurement Instruments – A Modern Way To Test The Colors Of Tomatoes

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Tomatoes are utilized and chose for the characteristics that are noteworthy for reaping, developing, preparing and devouring needs which obviously clarifies the compositions, flavors and different properties of the dishes. The color of the tomatoes is an essential measuring parameter as it is firmly connected with the taste, quality and kind of the food nourishment. Actually, the FDA has unmistakably characterized the lists that are utilized to review the nature of the tomatoes all around the globe that seriously influences the quality of the tomatoes. Testronix offers an extremely sophisticated technology based tomatoes color measurement instruments to assess the quality and the color quality of the tomatoes. The manufacturer in food processing units all over the world is greatly relies on the color measurement instruments to test the quality of the food items and to add taste and color to the products.

The common tomato products that require stringent color quality check includes Juices, Sauces, Ketchup’s, Purees, Tomato paste, and other related food products. It is essential particularly while measuring the color of these items that the color measurement instruments that are utilized for these items must be designed and manufactured according to the guidelines that are provided by various standardization authorities like ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc. to test the quality of tomatoes.

Testronix offers an extensive range of tomatoes color measurement instruments to the producers of testing instruments to test the qualities of tomatoes and related food products. The range of testing instruments includes TP 800 spectrophotometer, TP 300 Portable Color Measurement, TP 110 Precision Color Measurement, and many more. The instruments are ergonomically designed with modern and user-friendly features that ensure easy accessibility.

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