Determine the Color Quality of Tomato Products

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Why to Measure Tomato Color?

The color and appearance of the products are the primary attributes that stimulate the people to purchase, consume and enjoy the product. Tomatoes are known for their vibrant Red color which indicates the level of maturity and needs for the desired flavor and fulfills the requirement of antioxidant lycopene in the body. Tomatoes that are dark red in color as compared to light red tomatoes are usually the best in terms of high level of lycopene.

The food processing organization and standard test methods of color measurement grade the redness of the tomatoes from A grade to C grade to identify the best quality of foods such as juices, ketchup, purees, pastes, etc. The color is a most important attribute in tomatoes that allocate the quality of the tomatoes. The dark is the redness of the tomatoes; best will be the sweetness and quality of the tomatoes and vice versa.

How can these Colors be measured?

The best way to measure the color of tomatoes is making use of Tomato Color Measurement Instruments. These instruments help to choose the best quality of tomatoes to produce high-quality of end products. For example, if the color of sauces in every bottle of ketchup differs, it will create a difference in the quality of the product in human perception as well. The red is the color of the sauce, the best it will appear.

Tomato Color Measurement Solution by Testronix

Testronix manufacture of tomato color measurement instruments to serve the color measuring requirements of different production verticals for color quality check purposes. The device provides highly accurate results. For more information, visit:

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