Tomato Products Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Solutions for Tomatoes

Tomatoes are used and selected for the traits that are significant to their specialized harvesting, growing, processing and consuming needs which clearly explains the textures, flavors and other properties of the dishes. Color is the most important measuring parameter in the tomato products as it is closely linked with the taste, quality and flavor of the food. In fact, the FDA has clearly defined the indexes that are used to grade the quality of the tomatoes all around the world that severely affects the quality of the tomato products. Testronix offers a broad range of color measurement instruments to evaluate the quality and the color of the tomatoes. Moreover, the color measurement instruments of Testronix are also used by the most of the leading manufacturer of tomato products all across the globe to measure the color of the tomatoes that they use to manufacture the products.


Common tomato products that require stringent color measurement check includes Sauces, Purees, Tomato paste, Ketchups, Juices and other related products. It is important especially while measuring the color of these products that the color measurement devices that are used for these products must be designed and manufactured as per the standards that are defined by standardization authorities to measure the grades of the tomatoes and related products.

Testronix offers the best quality of color measurement instruments to the producers of tomato products. The instruments offer highly reliable and accurate results.