Plastic Pipes Testing Instruments

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Plastic Pipes Testing Instruments

A wide range of advanced equipment is used for testing of Plastics Pipe/PVC pipes.
This range of state-of-the-art testing equipment includes Drop Weight Impact Testers, Hydrostatic Pressure Testers, Pipe Wall Thickness Testers, Mechanical Stability Testers, and more

Plastic Pipe manufacturers and suppliers have a responsibility of ensuring the best quality pipes. Since, plastic pipes play a significant role in plumbing, it is required that different kinds of water and sewage pipes, made of plastic, are durable, yet easier to maintain as compared to copper pipes.
The following instruments are important for testing of plastic pipes and should be included for quality control pupose:

Tensile Strength Tester – Tensile testing is the most important part of the plastic pipe testing process. For pipe manufacturers, making lightweight, high-strength materials are essential. Keeping this in mind, it is useful to perform quality control, so tensile testing is necessary. Testronix Tensile Testing machine is primarily used to evaluate the breaking strength of PVC pipes, as well as CPVC and PEX pipes.

Ultra-Low Deep Freezers fulfill the need for the highest and most uncompromising requirements, with state-of-the-art technology and reliability. Their cooling system is optimally designed, so as to serve the purpose with respect to their accuracy and energy consumption. The equipment also needs to ensure that waste heat and noise are minimal.

Color Matching Cabinet is used to maintain colour consistency of plastic PVC pipes. Colour Matching Cabinet is based on the assessment and evaluation of color of the sample under different light sources, namely - filament light, ultra violet light, artificial daylight, and tube light TL 84 (which is also known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light).

Melt Flow Index Tester is used to determine the Melt Flow Rate of a plastic pipe or polymer – which refers to the rate of flow of the polymer, when it is melted. Melt Flow Index Tester is used to assess the quality of the raw material used to make the pipe.