Plastic Caps & Closure Testing Instruments

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Plastic Caps & Closure Testing Instruments

One of the crucial factors for functionality plastic caps and closures is their quality and material testing. From the raw materials and components to the finished product testing is necessary and needs to be in accordance to the relevant standards. Manufacturers need to ensure that their plastic caps and closures live up to the high expectations on the market, are user friendly and that the caps/closures are strong and flexible enough to maintain the freshness/aeration of the bottle contents.

Some of the most common testing machines for plastic caps & closure testing are - Tensile Strength Tester, Torque Tester, Melt Flow Index Tester, Izod/Charpy Impact Tester, Moisture Analyzer, Drop Tester – to name just a few.  All of these testing instruments are high-precision test machines.

Testronix Instruments are used by some of most innovative companies in India and across the world.  Based on our extensive and rich experience in the field of plastic testing, we specialize in quality and material testing solutions, specially designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.

  • Bottle Cap Torque Tester is a widely used testing instrument for ensuring that the cap seal of a bottle is leak proof. It is necessary that plastic caps and closures are secure enough to keep the contents of the bottle safe, but at the same time it should not difficult to open the cap, when required. A Torque Tester is used to determine the correlation between the specified application torque range and removal torque range from bottle caps. Validation of the capping is another application - wherein evaluation of the removal torque of the caps applied by the capping machine is possible.
  • Drop Tester – This instrument is used for evaluation of loaded containers/ bottles by free fall method. During the test the container is aligned in an accurate manner so that it can be dropped from certain heights, in a free fall. The bottle/container is packed with the actual contents and then is allowed to drop on a flat surface in a free fall.

 The flat surface of the Drop Tester is hard, usually made of steel or concrete. The break resistance of the plastic is then, recorded.

  • Color Matching Cabinet is used to maintain colour consistency of plastic caps and closures. Colour Matching Cabinet is based on the assessment and evaluation of color of the sample under different light sources, namely - filament light, ultra violet light, artificial daylight, and tube light TL 84 (which is also known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light).
  • Melt Flow Index Tester is used to determine the Melt Flow Rate of a polymer – which refers to the rate of flow of the polymer, when it is melted. Melt Flow Index Tester is used to assess the quality of the raw material used to make the cap/closure.
  • Tensile Strength Testing Machine - It is necessary to evaluate how much force is required to break the plastic packaging and how much it can be elongated before it reaches its breaking point. For this purpose, a tensile strength tester is required. It also gives the elongation to failure data – that is how much a material can be stretched

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