What are the Key Attributes of Salt Spray Chamber FRP Digital?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The construction of a good product requires a combination of a lot of materials that are adjusted into an assembly to provide a hassle-free and seamless experience to the customer utilizing the final product.

These materials used in the production process need to be tested against their exposure to the environment as they are extremely prone to catching elements like rusting & corrosion from the environment. These factors hamper the longevity of the materials and thus the final product which overall leads to dissatisfaction of the customer.

Therefore, it is the foremost duty of the manufacturer to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction by providing them with products that are quality-proven and durable at the same time.

To assess these materials against extreme climatic conditions that are allied with rusting environments it is highly necessary for the operator to get their hands on the salt spray chamber FRP digital. The instrument is designed by the leading lab testing instrument company called Testronix.

The instrument is the most futuristic machinery that has revolutionized the entire lab testing industry with its attributes and principles of working. The instrument determines the corrosion resistance of materials by simulating real-life weathering standards.

The Testronix salt spray chamber has been the finest in the industry due to its simplistic working and futuristic features. Let us take a look at the functioning procedure of this very fine lab testing instrument.

Functioning Procedure of the Salt Spray Chamber Tester FRP Digital

The instrument has 4 major chunks in which the entire testing process takes place.

The operator begins the salt spray test by positioning the sample among one of the sample holders within the inner chamber.

The operator must make sure that the specimen is placed in the right holder as the inner chamber has three different specimen holders i.e. the V group, the panel plate & the fiber rod.

Once the specimen is placed accurately, the operator must make sure that the canopy is firmly closed in order to maintain maximum insulation within the inner chamber.

The operator can now simply adjust the setting as per the requirements or standard guidelines from the control panel that is operated through the electrical chamber of the salt spray corrosion chamber.

The salt spray chamber FRP has a reservoir tank that carries demineralized (DM) water. The DM water is filtered through a layer sponge filer associated with the reservoir tank on the inside. The DM water is then mixed with NaCl (salt) making it a solution.

The solution is transmitted to the inner chamber with the help of a pipe connected through inlet ports. The same pipeline is connected to the air saturator at the back of the salt spray corrosion chamber.

The air saturator elevates the temperature and makes the air inside warmer which is suitable for the evaporation of water and the elevated temperature converts the environment into a more corrosion-friendly atmosphere.

The salt solution along with the elevated air is transmitted into the inner chamber and sprayed as concentrated fog inside the inner chamber.

The conversion of air & salt solution into concentrated fog takes place with the help of an atomizer and igus associated in the center of the inner chamber. The atomizer and the igus are covered with a fog dispenser that ensures the uniform spread of the fog all across the inner chamber and thus ensures uniform testing of the specimen.

Once the testing is performed till the timer is adjusted through the control panel, the air purge equipment in the inner chamber of the salt spray chamber FRP digital settles the fog down to avoid the spread of the chamber’s corrosion-friendly environment to the actual environment.

Now the operator can simply open the canopy and take the specimen out to assess its reaction against such a corrosive environment.

This is how salt spray tests are conducted with just a single hand and the instrument with such a futuristic working mechanism helps the manufacturer in achieving maximum accuracy.

The top-notch quality attributes of the salt spray chamber FRP make the instrument revolutionary in the entire lab testing instrument industry.

Quality Attributes of the Salt Spray Chamber FRP Digital

The pre-eminent feature of the instrument is the precise construction of the instrument with high-quality materials that provide 100% insulation to the inner chamber. The inner chamber is a 3-layer secured enclosed & insulated assembly with fiber-reinforced plastic, mild sheet & glass wool.

Another top-quality feature is the assembly of silicon bag heaters that elevate the temperature and maintain uniformity inside the inner chamber.

The incorporation of the air purge equipment allows the Testronix salt spray chamber to settle down fog and avoid corrosion of other products due to an extremely corrosive environment.

The three different sample holders allow the positioning of different kinds of samples and also promote multiple samples testing at once. This enables the operator to save time and perform testing with adeptness.

The Testronix salt spray chamber is offered with various security alarm systems that allow the operator to safeguard the instrument and the specimen from overshooting of temperature, low water level, solution concentration level, sample test completion alarm, etc.

The instrument is offered in different volume sizes of the inner chamber as well as the reservoir tank to enable the manufacturer of the industry to select the desired option as per their requirement.

For instance, an automotive industry manufacturer generally prefers 450l-1000l (inner chamber), and 75l (reservoir tank) variants whereas a metal sheet manufacturer will go for the 250l (inner chamber), 60l (reservoir tank) variants.

Buy Salt Spray Chamber FRP Digital As Soon As Possible

To revolutionize your testing standards, get your hands on the finest environment simulator called the salt spray chamber FRP digital. To seek further & more information about the instrument visit our website right away. You can also place an order for the instrument by calling us at +91 9313140140 or send us your order details via e-mail at info@testronixinstruments.com.

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