Test the Corrosive Durability of Materials with the Salt Spray Chamber

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The salt spray chamber is an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument by the Testronix Testing Instruments. The instrument is very well-manufactured equipment for the manufacturers of various industries to derive corrosion-resistive properties of the manufactured material. The instrument creates a corrosion-friendly environment around the specimen and assesses the ability of the sample to withstand rusting.

The salt spray test chamber is an extremely vital product for manufacturers to evaluate the manufactured product’s durability and longevity, allowing the manufacturer to enhance the quality in case of any uncertainties.

The instrument is an amalgamation of 4 parts that run together to perform the task with ease and determine accurate results after creating an artificial corrosion-friendly environment around the specimen.

Let us understand the salt spray chamber working to enhance hassle-free test performance.

Salt Spray Chamber Working Mechanism

The salt spray chamber manufacturer has constructed a total of parts integrated within the instrument for precise control. All 4 parts have different functions and contribute to the hassle-free conduction of the test differently.

  • The inner chamber – the inner chamber of the salt spray chamber has three different cutouts for specimen holding and is also available in different sizes to enable the manufacturer to test multiple & bigger samples altogether. The inner chamber is where the fog concentration takes place and an artificial corrosive environment is formed around the specimen. The chamber is equipped with silicon bag heaters for uniform heating at the walls along with an air purge & fog dispenser in the center-bottom of the chamber.
  • Reservoir tank – the tank holds demineralized water with a concentration of NaCl (sodium chloride) allowing the salt spray chamber to form the fog concentration. The size of the reservoir tank varies as per the size of the inner chamber. The reservoir tank also has an alarm system that indicates the amount of water within the tank with a layer sponge filter and an inclusion solution level sensor.
  • Air saturator – the air saturator is situated at the back of the salt spray test chamber and filters the air and humidifies the air necessary for the concentration of fog. The air saturator also elevates the temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius, heating the humid air and thus developing a fog concentration that is spread out in the inner chamber with the help of an atomizer, igus & fog dispenser.
  • Electrical panel – the electrical panel controls the overall salt spray chamber working by controlling all the parts technically connected through high-quality wiring. The electrical panel also aids the operator in commanding the machinery during the conduction of the test for different purposes.

All 4 parts integrated together derive the salt spray chamber working principle precisely and accommodate the operator to perform single-handed operations with no hassle at all.

The key Features of the Salt Spray Chamber

The salt spray chamber manufacturer has depicted a perfect engineering module by providing such an amazing quality & quantity of features covering all aspects whether it is safety, working, ease-of-use, or precision.

The salt spray chamber is equipped with a 7-alarm feature that allows the instrument to safeguard the equipment of the instrument and indicate discrepancies such as low water level, low solution level, low air pressure, etc.

The salt spray chamber is also constructed with a highly advanced FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) material. The inner chamber is secured with three layers for maximum insulation integrity. The three layers are the FRP material, Mild steel & glass wool (a high-quality heat-resistant material).

The association of silicon bag heaters around the walls of the inner chamber between the MS sheet & glass wool layer of the inner chamber enables uniform heating and thus ensures precise results consistently.

The provision of air purge in the inner chamber also allows the operator to settle down the fog concentrated within the inner chamber before opening the canopy to avoid rusting of other devices and instruments.

Along with the simplistic salt spray chamber working principle, the salt spray test chamber price is also very valuable. This makes the instrument an extremely affordable yet advanced technology lab testing instrument.

Find out the Salt Spray Test Chamber Price

The salt spray chamber manufacturer has designed this top-notch quality lab testing instrument with perfect engineering and precision. The instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers from various industries by consistently delivering accurate results over a period of time. To know the salt spray chamber price in India or to get your hands on the highly advanced lab testing instrument, feel free to visit our website. You can also get your queries answered & issues resolved by reaching out to us via phone at +91 9313140140 or by writing to us via e-mail at info@testronixinstruments.com. We will be delighted to serve & assist you in greater success.

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