Improve Appearance Of Products By Using Color Matching Cabinet

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color of an object depends on the mix of light frequencies that reach our eyes. The mix depends on two things they are frequencies that the object absorbs and the frequencies in the original light source. The differences in light sources give an explanation about why colors change when the light source is changed. Things have different colors in daylight and at different times of the day. The color of the objects that match in some lighting conditions may not match in others. This phenomenon is known as metamerism.

The color matching cabinet is an instrument used to match various products and materials for their colors with a standard reference. The instrument is used to match the sample in various light sources. It is used to test the defect of metamerism. As it affects the quality and appearance of products, it helps manufacturers to eliminate metamerism from them. The instrument helps in quality control. It corrects the light types by comparison of products which must have special color characteristics. Manufacturers must use this instrument if they wish to offer quality products to their customers. The color matching cabinet supports different light sources depending upon the model.

Testronix Color matching cabinet comes in three different models i.e. Euro, Asia and USA. The D65 light box helps manufacturers to remove the metamerism from various products. Usage of this instrument ensures lesser rejection and lesser wastage of the products.

The Asia model is an efficient instrument for analysing color quality and consistency. It offers five different light sources to give users the color of the products and removes the problem of metamerism. The five different light sources used in this instrument are D65 Artificial daylight, Tungsten filament light, cool white fluorescent, UV black light and TL-84.

The USA model is designed to provide the exact lighting conditions faced by the products and the users can easily evaluate the behaviour of the color of the products. It is used to reproduce the lighting conditions of the US region and measure the color quality of various products. The five different light sources in this model are D65 Artificial daylight, Ultra violet black light, TL-84 Point of sale light, Incandescent INCA light and Ultra Loom 30 light.

The Euro model tests the color quality of the products based on the lighting conditions of the euro region. The instrument can be used by manufacturers who want to sale their products in this region and check the lighting conditions for the best analysis. The four different light sources used in this are D65 artificial daylight, tungsten Filament light, Ultra Violet Black light and TL-84 light.

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