How To Measure The Color Of Capsules?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Capsules play a vital role in the life of the human beings to treat their ailments, diseases, and other health related issues. These pills are used to treat all types of diseases whether genetic or chronic. The color of the capsules is the fundamental factors that explain the appearance to identify the pill and also helps to create different emotional appeals among the consumers. Moreover, the capsules act as a function of the pill and help to distinguish the product from other brands as well.

More than thousands of color combinations are used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture different types of pills to treat a different disease. To ensure the perfectness of the capsules, the manufacturers of testing instruments provides numerous testing solutions to pharmaceutical industries in the form of color checkers so that best quality of medicines and drugs can be produced as there is no space for defects in pharmaceutical industries.

How are capsules designed?

Capsules are designed on the basis of various characteristics such as color, shape, and size. These colors can be transparent, opaque or translucent, light or dark, etc. To measure the color quality of the drugs & medicines, choose high-quality of color checkers to test them appropriately.


How to test different types of pills?


Among all the medicines and drugs, some of the samples are transparent in nature; some are translucent, and rest of them is opaque. As suggested by the name, the opaque samples do not let the light to enter. To measure the color of opaque pills, reflectance type measuring device is utilized that helps to view the sample from viewing angle 45o/0o. On the other hand, the translucent samples partially allow the light to enter the sample to measure the color of translucent pills and capsules reflectance type and transmittance type; both testing devices can be utilized. On the other hand, apart from translucent or opaque samples, some capsules are transparent in nature that allows 100% of light to enter and read the color accurately without any interruption. For such kind of samples, transmittance type of color measurement instruments is used. 


Color Checker for Pills & Capsules


Using high-quality of color checker, it becomes very easy for the manufacturers in pharmaceutical industries to test the colors of transparent, opaque and translucent pills and capsules easily. Testronix, a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of color checkers offer excellent quality of capsule color measurement solutions that helps the manufacturers in pharmaceutical industries to produce the best quality products.

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