Identify The Colors Of Capsules And Pills

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Role of Capsules in Human Life

Pills and capsules play a significant role in life that helps to treat the conventional ailments of the patients. These products are used to treat chronic as well as genetic diseases. The color of a capsule is the most fundamental part which decides the appearance of the drug and requires the different capability of creating emotional appeal, communicates the function of the pill and also helps to distinguish one brand from another.


There are more than one lakh color combinations which are used in pharmaceutical fields to manufacturing pills and capsules as per the ailment. To provide the best testing solution to the pharmaceutical sector, the manufacturers of testing instruments offers a broad range of color measurement instruments so that the best quality of products can be delivered to the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.


How capsules are manufactured?

The capsules and tablets are manufactured and provided in a significant number of sizes, shapes, and colors. These colors can be transparent, translucent and can be completely opaque in nature. To precisely measure the color of these products, choose only best and portable color measurement instrument that helps to test the sample efficiently and provide precise and high-quality results.


Opaque, Transparent & Translucent Pills 


Among all the available pharmaceutical colour Instrument samples, some are opaque, some are transparent, and some are translucent in nature. The opaque pills do not let the light penetrate to them at all. In order to test the color quality of pharmaceutical products, the reflectance type testing device is required that has the viewing angle of 45o/0o.  On the other hand, the translucent sample of the pills allows the light to transmit partially through them. The use of color measuring devices for translucent samples depends on the level of clearness which a sample possesses. According to the degree of translucency, both the transmittance and reflectance type instrument can be used for measure the colors of the pharmaceutical samples.

Apart from opaque of translucent specimens, some of the pharmaceutical pills allow the light to penetrate them with no interruption.  For such kind of samples, a transmittance type of color measurement instrument is used.

Color Measurement of Pills & Capsules 

With the help of high quality of portable color measurement instruments, it is easy to test the colors of all kind of pharmaceutical samples whether transparent, translucent or opaque.  Testronix, a leading manufacturer of industrial laboratory color measurement instruments, offers the topmost quality of capsule pill color measurement solution to buy the superior quality of color measurement instruments, visit the website.

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