Capsules & Pills Color Measurement

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Color Measuring Solutions for Capsules and Pills

Capsules and pills are the most basic parts of the conventional treatment of patients. They are used for treating generic as well as chronic diseases. The color of a capsule is the most fundamental aspect of that capsule or pill which decides the appearance of the drug and has a distinct capability of creating an emotional appeal, communication of the functions and benefits and also distinguishes one brand from another. There are more than 50,000 color combinations that are used in the pharmaceutical field for capsules and pills. Testronix understands this need of pharmaceutical sector and offers an extensive range of color measuring instrument so that the best color quality and consistency of the products could be ensured.


The tablets and capsules are manufactured and provided in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be translucent, transparent or completely opaque. For precise color measurement of these products, only choosing the right carol measuring instrument is not enough but there is also need for various accessories that can help in proper holding of the test sample and provide the best testing results.

Opaque Samples

The opaque products do not let the light penetrate them at all. In order to test the color quality of such products, the reflectance type color measuring instruments along with a viewing geometry of 45°/0° is used.

Translucent samples

The translucent samples allow partial transmission of light through them. The use of color measuring instrument or translucent samples depends on the level of translucency possessed by the sample. According to the degree of translucency, both reflectance type and transmittance type instruments can be used for color measuring of the samples.

Transparent samples

The transparent samples are the ones that allow complete penetration of light through them with little or no interruption. For such specimens, a transmittance type color measuring instrument must be used.