How to conduct Color Measurement of Capsules?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Capsules are a necessary product in the pharmaceutical industry. It acts as medicine used to treat diseases, and build health and nutrition in the body. These type of medicines can easily dissolve in the body on consumption and which is why is in higher demand in the market as well. The capsules are designed in such a way that their cover, which composed bio-material substance quickly dissolves on coming in contact with the human gastric juice and targets the required section at once.

Capsules are produced in bulk in the pharma industry, having many batches of medicines in production. To avoid any sort of confusion, the medicine are given a unique color. The color defines the chemical it is made up of and its use. For instance the capsule manufactured for treating heart disease have been given a color code of red and the medicine which treat the stomach infection is orange in color. Now it should never happen that during production and packing, while handling the red color fades off and appears like orange. Or the orange medicine is too dark and appears as red.

Such type of color issues can lead to dangerous situations, therefore, it is important to see that your color quality is good enough that it matches with the decided master color and do not fades off or appear different shade under other light conditions. However, testing capsule color quality using portable spectrophotometer can resolve the issue. The instruments I software based and touchscreen operated. One can easily detect the color indices using its 45/0 degree viewing geometry.

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