How to Measure Colour of Plastic Pellets?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Different type of tests is performed on plastics to ascertain their properties and qualities. Which is why instrumentation testing is becoming popular among plastic product manufacturers. Different tests like tensile strength, impact strength, color measurement and compressive strength testing are some procedures performed. Pallets are supposed as the raw form of the polymer. They are available in different colors depending on the requirement of the client. Especially in the production line, if the quality of pellets is estimated beforehand, quality control process can be implemented at the very early stage.

Why Is Color Testing of Pellets Important?

Pellet color testing  is important to maintain the color consistency of the final product it becomes important to check the colours of the pellets beforehand. There are many instances when the color of the final product changed in comparison to the colour of the pellet. When there is huge manufacturing line, checking every product becomes difficult. For plastic pellet color measurement, you can choose devices from the wide range. Spectrophotometer and colorimeter can be used for this purpose. Colour tester captures the colour of the sample and compares it with other products considering it as master. You can define the difference in a colour range that is to be accepted.

How to Perform Pellet Colour Testing?

There are many smart colours measuring devices available in the market that claim to deliver accurate test results. Testronix’s portable spectrophotometer that assures the precise quantification of the colour in different forms. However, it is advised to take some precautions during the observation. For instance, lights from the surrounding should not interfere with the incident light of the device. However, a device used for plastic color measurement can be used at later stages to maintain the consistency of the whole manufacturing line.

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