Pellet Color Measurement

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Color measurement solutions for plastic Pallets

Pallets are basically used for extrusion of final plastic products with injection molding, blow molding or stretch blowing. Pallets are the key materials that are used for manufacturing of almost any type of plastic material or product. Plastic pallets are very tiny granules of plastic resin that are available in different sizes, compositions and colors and are used for extrusion of plastic products. They are pre-production plastic resins that are elementary for the production of high quality of the plastic products. The quality of the pellets is greatly responsible for the final plastic products hence the color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are very useful for the manufacturers of plastic products.


The plastic pellets are mainly used for extrusion of plastic products. For best quality plastic products, it is essential to make sure that the quality of pellets is also of the best quality. The color of the final plastic products is also dependent on the color quality of the pellets used for extrusion of a particular product. The color measurement of the plastic pellets is very helpful in ensuring that the color quality of the pellets is up to the mark, and the pellets are capable of providing best color quality to the products. As the color quality of pellets is of utmost importance for the color consistency of plastic materials, it is essential to use high precision testing instruments. Testronix offers high precision color measuring instruments that help the plastic manufacturers in ensuring the best color quality of products.