Role of Polymer Color Measurement in Plastic Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Being the highest utilized product, Polymer is the base network of our industries. Rarely can we find any application which does not use plastic materials. Starting from Aerospace, Medical, packaging, automobile and what not are utilizing polymer products as components or parts. However, the quality of polymer is always considered to be the priority requirement in industries.

Color testing procedures have been the innovative vertical among a variety of quality control processes. Polymer manufacturers must ensure that high accuracy is chosen while selecting a testing equipment.

Portable Spectrophotometer is a renowned testing device used for Polymer color measurement in several industries. Design of the equipment complies with international color test standards such as CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, and ASTM D1925. Among these, ASTM D1925 is an authorized standard for plastics. The device is very handy and portable. Can be carried anywhere. No impact of weather or location change on device functioning.

Equipped with a huge touchscreen display which is also responsible for device operation. Test results can be seen on screen in numerical as well as in graphical form. Along with that, the device is controlled by a highly advanced software program which assures maximum accuracy in color detection. Considered best for testing all type of polymer colors, white, black, all lighter and darker shade. Has 400~700 nm wavelength range in the test. Allow 45/0 degree viewing geometry and light ray homogenization.

Equipped with a silicon-based photodiode array for the high-level sensor. Can store more than 10000 test data. The user can set pass/fail criteria. Uses Combined LED as a light source. Near about 18 distinct illuminations provided. Has an 8 mm Measuring Aperture. Test results can be easily extracted using a hard disk on the USB port.

Polymer Color Measurement using Portable Spectrophotometer gives the manufacturer a high-quality plastic product which can be used in several applications and has zero metamerism issue. The device will assist the operator to improve the coating process and the entire product. The device is considered to be the foremost choice of many polymer manufacturers as well.

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