How Does the Compression Plate of Box Compression Tester Determines Box Durability?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Manufacturers of electronic devices, perishable & sensitive items want to make sure that their manufactured products are perfectly delivered to the end consumer without any compromise in the quality of the same.

This urges them to choose corrugated boxes as their prime choice for the packaging of products. However, these corrugated boxes are durable in nature but there must be some standard to assure the safety of products to the manufacturer of the item.

The manufacturer of corrugated boxes performs various tests to ensure that the box can withstand transit & storage hazards which can take a toll on the durability of the corrugated box. These corrugated boxes undergo different tests for different real-life hazards by simulating them as per the compliance of standards.

One of the important real-life simulation tests that need to be conducted is the box compression test. The Testronix Testing Instruments has designed a box compression tester to aid manufacturers in attaining high-quality corrugated boxes and eradicating any uncertainty before the corrugated box is out for consumption by the manufacturer.

The instrument is specifically designed to simulate the load that will be affected on the corrugated box during the stacking of boxes for storage purposes.

Let’s have a look at the functioning mechanism of the box compression tester to get a better acknowledgment of how the instrument exactly simulates real-life stacking.

Functioning Mechanism of Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester manufacturer has made the working of the instrument extremely simple and single-handed to aid the operator in performing tasks & tests with no hassle at all. This not only contributes to accuracy-driven results but also fastens the procedures of the test.

To commence with the test, it is necessary to place the box on the designated platform which contains engraved labels for precise positioning of the specimen. It is highly necessary to make sure that the specimen is kept within the engraved surface for highly accurate results.

After the positioning of the sample, the operator can simply profile it and turn the instrument from the LCD screen. Once the profiling is completed, the instrument starts to function.

The compression plate of the instrument exerts a compressing force on the specimen from above, simulating the stacking force from other corrugated boxes. Since the real-life force will be gradual, the speed of the compression plate is also adjusted at 12.7 mm per minute.

The compression plate forces deformation of the corrugated box until the box is fully compressed. After the maximum compression, the compression plate comes back to its original state due to the presence of limit switches incorporated by the box compression tester manufacturer.

The operator can now simply evaluate & assess the results from the LCD screen and keep track of all the records with absolute ease as the HMI-based touchscreen depicts the maximum load that the specimen could withstand as well as the deformation that took place. You can read more on the working of box compression tester more effectively.

Along with a simplistic working mechanism, there are numerous features that are incorporated to achieve higher accuracy, ensure safety & promote single-handed operations.

Features of Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester computerized is packed with a ton of features that aid manufacturers from different industries in assessing the durable strength of the lab testing instrument.

The instrument has a designated platform for the positioning of the sample with engraved cutouts and a rugged surface that ensure precise positioning and zero slippage of the specimen being tested respectively.

The instrument also offers an extremely smooth movement of the motorized compression plate due to the incorporation of circular lead screws. The speed of the compression plate is set at 12.7 mm in order to comply with standard guidelines which are also possible through the circular lead screw.

The box compression tester is also equipped with the most advanced HMI-based touchscreen that ensures the profiling of the specimen before commencing with the test and also provides accurate results after the test is completed. The HMI-based touchscreen helps the operator to keep track of records because of easy PDF & Excel data outputs.

The most premium feature imbibed within the box compression tester computerized is the presence of limit switches that resist the compression plate to a certain point after a specific amount of deformation of the corrugated box. The limit switches safeguard the testing platform and other equipment of the instrument from damage & accidents by eradicating the scope of over-travel.

The instrument is also constructed robustly which enhances the trust of manufacturers from various industries in the durability of the instrument. The instrument is manufactured with lab-grade stainless steel along with mild steel that is covered with a 7-layered coat of anti-corrosive paint ensuring rustproofing properties of the instrument.

The box compression tester price makes the instrument an even more feature-enrich product. The instrument is offered at an extremely affordable price that makes the instrument accessible for all manufacturers whether big or small. The box compression tester price is tagged in accordance with providing quality products to each & every individual.

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