Evaluate Paper & Corrugated Sheets Quality with the Bursting Strength Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The packaging of products is highly rated in the manufacturing industry as these packaging materials ensure the safety & security of products. The products that are manufactured with maximum precision and a lot of research & development must be safeguarded with utmost resilience.

The safeguarding of the product leads to an assurance of brand building due to customer satisfaction. To enhance the protection of products & items, manufacturers select different types of packaging for different kinds of products. However, the most widely used packaging materials are rigid paper & packaging materials like corrugated sheets, cardboard, papers, etc.

It becomes highly crucial for a manufacturer to assess the ability of rigid paper & packaging material to withstand certain quality checks in order to safeguard the product packed inside it. It is also very important to conduct all these quality standard checks & tests before the final product is laid out for utilization to avoid any sort of discrepancies.

The leading lab testing instrument manufacturer – Testronix has come up with highly advanced lab testing equipment called the bursting strength tester that is designed with high-end engineering to evaluate the bursting strength of paper & corrugated sheets.

The bursting strength tester operates in an extremely ergonomic manner to aid manufacturers in getting familiar with the testing quickly and performing accuracy-driven tests.

Working Mechanism of the Bursting Strength Test Procedure

The working mechanism of the instrument helps the operator achieve highly accurate results and conduct repeatable testing over & over again.

To commence the test on the Bursting strength machine, the operator must start by positioning the sample between the jaws of the instrument that is situated right above the diaphragm.

The operator must make sure that the specimen is clamped firmly to avoid any sort of slippage during the course of testing and thus achieve highly accurate results.

Once the specimen is clamped, the instrument is turned on which forces a pneumatic pressure into a hydrostatic pressure exertion on the diaphragm due to the lab-grade glycerine used. Due to the exertion of pressure, the diaphragm is pushed upward towards the specimen.

The clamped specimen from the top withstands pressure from the diaphragm as per its strength and bursts after a point of time.

The peak load that the specimen could withstand before bursting is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display on the control panel. The results are the bursting factor and now to calculate the bursting strength the operator can use an extremely easy formula:

Bursting Factor = (bursting strength X 1000) / GSM of the specimen

By using this easy formula the operator can reach conclusive outputs with absolute facile and no hassle at all.

This is how the Bursting strength tester achieves a high level of accuracy and repeatable testing measures. Not just an ergonomic working module the lab testing equipment is offered with top-quality features that must be taken into consideration.

Top-Notch Features of the Bursting Strength Machine

The high-quality features of the bursting strength tester have gained the trust of manufacturers from all across industries as these attributes help the operators to perform the tests with absolute ease and minimal hassle.

The most prominent feature of the instrument is the incorporation of strong gripping clamps with a rugged surface that ensures zero movement of the specimen when the test is underway, enabling the operator to achieve highly accurate results.

The lab testing equipment has a unique selling point that no other bursting strength tester carries. It is the construction of the diaphragm of the instrument with the help of neoprene rubber rather than normal rubber. The neoprene rubber allows testing under variable temperatures and climatic conditions due to its advanced ductility.

The bursting strength machine is also equipped with lab-grade purified glycerine below the neoprene rubber or the diaphragm that encourages the hydrostatic pressure mechanism and conducts the bursting strength test without any breakers.

The bursting strength tester is also equipped with a highly advanced & futuristic microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the bursting factor of the specimen through which the operator can simply calculate the bursting strength.

The lab testing instrument also offers an assembly of feather touch controls on the control panel that promotes single-handed testing measures and fastens the testing speed along with an assurance of accuracy.

The lab testing instrument is equipped with a firm construction and the bursting strength tester manufacturer has made the instrument with anti-fragile material i.e. mild steel that ensures rustproofing properties and thus helps the instrument survive under corrosion-friendly environments.

There are certain questions that arise in the minds of manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry. As the leading lab testing manufacturer, it is the duty of Testronix to address these confusion-creating questions and answer them suitably.

Get Your Hands on the Bursting Strength Tester Right Now

If you want to evaluate the quality of papers, cardboard as well as corrugated sheets which is extremely important to safeguard the products packed with this packaging material, you can get your hands on the top-notch Bursting Strength Tester right away.

To seek more information about this or other lab testing instruments you can reach out to us on our website or you can place an order directly by calling +91 9313140140 or by e-mail at info@testronixinstruments.com.

Faq's Regarding the Bursting Strength Tester

Ques. What separates the Testronix bursting strength tester from other bursting strength machines?

Ans. The Testronix bursting strength tester is a feature-enriched instrument, offering feather touch controls, robust construction, and the neoprene rubber material as the diaphragm.

Ques. Which mechanism is followed by the instrument to complete the bursting strength test procedure?

Ans. The mechanism followed by the paper bursting strength tester is the hydrostatic pressure mechanism due to the lab-grade glycerine medium used for pressure build-up beneath the diaphragm of the instrument.

Ques. What is the testing range of the paper bursting strength tester?

Ans. The testing capacity of the bursting strength tester is 0-40 kg cm2.

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