Best way for Calculation of the Bursting Strength – Paper, Packaging & Fabrics

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What is Bursting Strength?
Bursting Strength of a material is one of the most important quality parameters, which plays a decisive role in defining the quality and overall strength of the given material. It is primarily used in the paper and packaging units, besides being of great importance in textile industries.

Importance of Bursting Strength – Paper, Packaging & Textile Industry

Paper is a material which is universally used in almost every industry, for various purposes. Besides being widely used in education and publishing industry for printing and writing, paper is also the main constituent used extensively in the packaging industries. Most of the packaging materials are made with the use of paper.

Now, when it comes to fabrics – these are produced in the textile industries and are also used for many domestic as well as industrial applications.

It is common knowledge that paper, packaging and fabrics are often subjected to very high forces and pressure, especially during storage and transportation. Such stress and force can easily damage products made of paper/fabric etc.

Bursting Strength Tester is an equipment widely used by manufacturers of these products. This ensures that they are adopting the best manufacturing processes to provide best level of strength and agility to their products, thus, ensuring that they are able to withstand the harshest conditions or challenges.

Bursting Strength Test of Industrial Fabrics

Industrial fabrics are used in many different applications – namely, Automobiles, Filtering systems, Printing mechanisms and more. Made with both natural and synthetic fibers, industrial fabrics can be used for producing industrial quality of fabrics such as fiberglass yarn, Nylon, Kevlar, Teflon, polyester, Aramid fibers and graphite. The quality and strength of all the above can be tested using Bursting Strength Tester.
In addition to industrial fabrics, Bursting Strength Tester can also find wide use for domestic usages as well. An excellent example of domestic usage of fabrics are clothing apparels. Irrespective of whether the fabric is used for industrial purpose or as domestic fabrics, manufacturers need to ensure that the fabrics have enough strength, so that they could survive stress and forces, acting upon them in their respective conditions and applications.

The Bursting Strength Tester is a very helpful instrument used for ensuring the best possible strength of the fabrics. This in turn helps in ensuring that the fabrics can serve the application for which they are meant to be used, while exhibiting better performance, that too without enduring any kind of damage or failure.

Textile manufacturers and those who are involved in production of the fabric materials need to ensure that they test each and every aspect of the fabrics so that they are capable of providing the best quality of the fabrics to their customers and end users.

Testing of Corrugated Sheets in Packaging industries
It is the prime responsibility of the packaging industries to provide the most suitable packaging options to the manufacturers, who are part of other industries. This is so, because packaging should be such that manufacturers can easily package their products for better and safe storage, handling and delivery.

Well, it is very important that whenever a product is being stored or transported, the packaging should be able to provide the maximum level of protection to the products; i.e. protection from outer forces as well as other factors that might damage the products. When a product is being transported or stored, it faces a huge plethora of forces. These forces not only act upon the products, but also the packaging. This can cause serious damage to the packaging and hence, its contents.

As the packaging needs for every industry are different and different products need to have different packaging requirement, a single packaging option can never be a viable option for all products and all industries. So, the manufacturers of packaging materials - such as corrugated boxes - need to keep in mind that they have to provide the best suited option for the packaging requirements of every industry.

For this purpose, corrugated box manufacturers must test the quality of their materials and the strength of the boxes they are manufacturing. This evaluation should be performed before the packaging materials are delivered to the customers. Manufacturers need to be test their corrugated boxes for many different properties such as box compression strength, edge crush strength and bursting strength of the corrugated boxes.

The Bursting Strength Tester gives the measure of the ability of a material to resist the rupture or damage when there is an extreme force is in action.

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