Ensure the durability of your fragile boxes against the highest drops

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The utilization of corrugated boxes is on an increasing path because of the dependency of people on them for packaging various products into such boxes. Corrugated boxes are a very useful packaging material in the market nowadays which makes it highly important for the manufacturers of paper & packaging industry to ensure the quality of these fragile boxes. The quality is determined by analyzing the durability of such boxes against high drops that boxes might face during storage and transportation.

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The Testronix Instruments has come up with a high-quality lab testing instrument for conducting such durability tests on fragile boxes called the drop tester pneumatic.

The Functioning Technicalities of Drop Tester Pneumatic

The drop tester pneumatic simulates real-life incidents of free falls that these fragile boxes experience during transportation. This lab testing instrument plays a vital role in the paper and packaging industry. The testing is done with a very simplistic technique to ensure the easy functioning of the instrument by the operator.

The instrument contains a dual-door platform that is pneumatically attached for the placement of the sample, once the sample is placed on the dual-door platform, the platform is adjusted to a specific height.

After the height designated in the standards is adjusted, the platform is opened through the pneumatic pedal or the motorized remote controller provided with the lab testing instrument.

Technicalities of Drop Tester

The specimen then drops on the floor and the operator can now simply assess the deformity and the defects that took place due to the drop. The drop test machine allows the operator to conduct a critical analysis of the specimen as per the standard requirements.

drop test machine

The pneumatic drop tester aids the operator in conducting testing with accurate & corrective measures with no hassle at all because of its feature-enriched construction by the Testronix.

Features of Drop Tester Pneumatic

The drop test machine is powered with features to derive accuracy and keep the manufacturers of corrugated boxes a step ahead of their competitors.

  • The instrument is equipped with a dual-door platform with a rugged surface for precise positioning of the sample, making sure that the sample does not slip during the conduction of the test.
  • The pneumatic pedal and the motorized controller limit the chances of human faulting by minimizing human interference, thus maximizing accuracy.

packaging drop tester

  • The packaging drop tester is also equipped with anti-corrosive properties due to a 7-layered powder coated paint over its mild steel construction to ensure long-term durability and rustproofing.
  • The instrument also offers an adjustable clamp to test the fragile boxes from different angles by setting it up into three different positions i.e. the flat side drop, the edge side drop & the corner side drop. This helps the manufacturer of fragile boxes to evaluate the defects and deformity with high precision.

The lab testing instrument is constructed with such attention to detail because of its widespread relevancy in so many industries including pharmaceuticals, textiles, FMCG & a lot more like them.

It becomes important to conduct these tests with precision to ensure customer satisfaction, hence, building brand value and reputation.

Installation Factors to Consider

To conduct the testing with high levels of accuracy it is important to consider some factors during the installation of the packaging drop tester. Conducting the drop test under correct measures is necessary as the specimen will be carrying important products & items packed into them during storage & transportation.

  • Make sure that there is a dedicated pipeline for pneumatic support that the drop tester pneumatic requires.
  • Take care of the fact that the instrument is placed in an open area with an even floor that is able to withstand the weight of the instrument. The open area is required in consideration of the falling of the box is not hampered by surroundings and is absolutely free.
  • The drop test machine should be regularly maintained for long-term durability and hassle-free operation conduction.

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