Role of drop tester in packaging industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In the world of e-commerce, product packaging is more important than ever. It not only needs to protect your product during shipping, but it also needs to be appealing to your customers when they open it. To ensure that your packaging can withstand the journey from your warehouse to your customer’s doorstep, you need to test it. Testing your package against high drops is an essential part of the quality control process. Testronix offers a high-quality drop tester that can easily test the drop strength of packages against higher drops. Here in this blog, we will discuss brief information about Testronix drop tester and what role it plays in the packaging industry. So, let us get started!

Test the sturdiness of boxes with a drop strength tester

We all know that corrugated boxes are widely used in the paper & packaging industry to deliver products accurately to customers. Besides this, it has been designed with the ability to strongly hold your testing specimen and ensure that quality material will be delivered to the customers. But what if these boxes will not able to withstand the rigors of shipping or may even get damaged when dropped from a certain height? This is where drop testing plays a crucial role.

Drop testing is a type of impact testing that simulates the force of a package being dropped during shipping or handling. This allows you to test the strength and durability of your packaging and identify any potential issues that could cause problems down the line.

Testronix Lab Testing Instruments offers high-quality drop tester that is considered to be essential lab testing equipment that will help to keep your products safe from harm when dropped from a certain height. This quality lab testing equipment is used to ensure that the package will be delivered safely when dropped from certain angles.

Let us discuss brief information about the Testronix drop tester.

All about Testronix drop tester

Testronix drop tester manual model is one of the consistent lab testing instruments that is used to ensure that your package will withstand high drops. This amazing lab testing equipment allows the manufacturers of the paper & packaging industry to test the drop strength of the packages against higher drops.

There are many benefits to using a drop tester, including:

-Ensuring the safety of your products: Drop testing helps to ensure that your products will be safe during shipping and handling. By identifying any potential weak points in your packaging, you can make changes to prevent damage to your products.

-Avoiding customer complaints and returns: If your products arrive damaged, you risk losing customers and having to deal with costly returns. By drop-testing your packaging, you can avoid these problems and keep your customers happy.

-Improving product quality: By identifying any potential issues with your packaging, you can make changes to improve the overall quality of your products. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

-Saving money: In the long run, using a drop tester can save you money by helping to avoid damaged goods and costly returns.

These are some of the amazing benefits you will get with the use of Testronix drop strength tester. You can read more on how you can easily conduct drop strength tests with the help of this quality lab testing equipment.

How to choose the right drop tester for your needs?

There are several factors that needed to be taken care of while choosing a drop strength tester. Below we have listed the top of them:

  • Whenever you buy a drop tester, then you need to take care of your machine's technical specifications. Check the angular drop arrangements it provides other related features.

  • It is also important to test the sturdiness of the testing machine. Check whether it is built on a durable structure or not.

  • Test the drop height of the specimen also before considering the machine for buying.   

  • Also, check for flap movement for the testing specimen.

These are the top 4 factors you must consider while choosing a Testronix drop tester. You can also take a virtual session for the working of this lab testing equipment by giving us a call at +91 9313140140 or emailing us at Our team of technical experts will also consult you regarding your needs and queries.

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