Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid During Drop Test With Solutions

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In the packaging industry, the use of cartons is vast in every vertical of production. Thus, testing these products is at the most necessary to reduce any sort of damage to the products. Therefore, we at Testronix Testing Instruments have come up with one of the best-selling testing equipment that will help you to conduct drop tests with ease. The pneumatic model of this lab testing equipment comes with a hydraulic operation that makes this a user-friendly instrument.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the top 3 mistakes to avoid during the drop test. But let us focus on how the drop test will help you in improving your product quality.

Drop Tester: A best testing instrument to examine the structural integrity of the product

Testronix Drop Tester is designed to test the drop of heavy packages and test specimens weighing. Drop Tester utilizes a high-strength welded material drop platform. When a drop test is initiated, the drop carriage is accelerated straight down from underneath the test specimen, imparting no rotational forces and insuring a flat drop. The drop carriage of the tester falls into slots on the machine’s foundation. Positioning is infinitely variable within the drop range of the machine.

You can easily ensure that the dropping test by dropping a box with different heights and angles and can determine whether it can withstand the dropping forces or not. Positioning is infinitely variable within the drop range of the machine. When you drop a box from a different height then it will be prone to get ruptured. Thus, with the help of the Testronix drop tester, you can easily determine the particular height and angle so that its dropping strength can be determined.

Here are the features and technical specifications you will get with the Testronix drop tester.

Features of Testronix drop tester (manual model)

The manual model of the Testronix drop tester has been made in accordance with industry standards like ASTM D5276. This lab testing equipment can be customized as per ISTA Standards 1A and 3A on request. Here we have listed some of the amazing features of this lab testing equipment.

  • Provision to lift up test platform by the guide mechanism  
  • Adjustable drop height
  • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument
  • Strong Base Plate with durable structure.
  • Lead screw model which load extension capacity
  • Noise-free operation with less maintenance
  • Customizable flaps and platform size  
  • Easy Edge drop and corner drop test
  • Rotating the arm to adjust corrugated boxes on the platform

Technical Specifications of drop tester (manual model)

With these amazing features, you can easily conduct the drop test and determine the product strength and integrity. Whenever you conduct any test with the help of a drop tester, then you need to make sure to place the specimen accurately on this testing machine. You can read about how you can test specimen accurately with a drop tester. Now, let us focus on the technical specifications of this lab testing instrument.

  • Testing height: Drop Height Min. 750mm, max 1800mm
  • Max. dimension of Box that can be tested: Standard L 465 x W 445 x H 500 mm (Customizable and adjustable on request)
  • Max weight of Box to be tested: Up to 50 Kg
  • Flap Movement: Manual
  • Height Measuring Scale least count: 1mm
  • Rotating Arm: Yes, for edge drop & face drop
  • Base dimension (Floor Space): 950 x 600 mm
  • Top Edge holding device: Adjustable according to sample
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Dropping platform type: Twin flaps
  • Opening Actuation: Manual through the lever
  • Finish: Mild steel
  • Dropping Platform lift mechanism: Manual

With these technical specifications and features, you can perform the drop test and protect your product from getting damaged. Now, let us focus on the top 3 mistakes to avoid during drop test.

What mistakes you should avoid during the drop test?

  • One of the biggest mistakes the quality head will do while conducting the drop test is that the carton will not be adjusted at the proper height. This will not give you accurate testing results. Thus, you need to make sure that the carton should be placed at the standard height.
  • Whenever you conduct then you must make sure that all the cartons should be properly inspected. If there will be any defect present in the carton then it will not provide you with accurate testing results.
  • Drop tester should be placed on the flat surface and hard floor to make it stable. If it is not stable then it will not be possible to get accurate testing results.

These are the top 3 mistakes that you should avoid while conducting the drop test. You can give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at if you face any queries or need any help regarding our testing instruments. Our technical team of experts will provide you with information regarding your queries related to this testing instrument.

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