Determine Precise Color Measurement of Fabric with Color Matching Cabinet

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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We are all aware of the importance of color in the textile industry, but have you ever wondered how the perfect color is attained? The top-quality lab testing instrument color matching cabinet by Testronix determines the accurate measurement of fabric color. This testing instrument is ergonomically designed equipment with precise engineering for creating a perfect color-measuring atmosphere inside the LED starred cabinet enabling the visualizer to identify the intensity, evenness & comparative differences among two color coated specimens.

The instrument emits LED lights creating artificial daylight, allowing a clearer vision, hence, assessment of the specimens on the following basis:

  • Evenness
  • Toning
  • Comparison
  • Intensity

It is crucial to understand the functioning of the ergonomically designed color measurement testing machine.

How Does Color Measurement of Fabric Take Place?

The color measurement of fabric starts by visually assessing the differences among the specimens. The manufacturers of the specimen first, measure the color differences (if any are visible) in normal lighting with the naked eye. However, this does not assure accuracy and precise testing.

Therefore, for precise color measurement of fabric with respect to the color components, color matching cabinet is introduced by Testronix.

The testing is conducted in a dark environment to obtain maximum visualization of the operator.

There are two angles at which the testing is conducted. The first is to acquire the color measurement of fabric at two different angles:

  • Flat surface (180 degree)
  • At 45 degree

The instrument consists of 5 different lighting standards which are integrated in a 4 + 1 setup to provide uniformity throughout the cabinet, aiding the visualizer to get accurate results.

Out of the five lights, four are tubes and one of them is made of tungsten filament. It is crucial to understand the 5 lights and their working module for color measurement.

  • D-65 – To create an artificial daylight environment around the specimen
  • TL-84 – fluorescent light conduction for a brighter and sharper view of the specimen.
  • CWF – Cool white fluorescent light is used to determine simulations with office lighting.
  • UV – Ultra-violet light is used for assessing the evenness & intensity of the coated paint.
  • Tungsten Filament – A 60W bulb attached to derive uniformity of emitted light within the cabinet.

All these lights accumulate together and derive accurate results altogether consistently in compliance with standards to ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, DIN 6173.

The instrument is extremely easy-to-use equipment for the color measurement of yarn. There are certain features that the color measurement testing machine carries along with it.

Features of Color Matching Cabinet

The instrument is very well-researched equipment for the color measurement of fabric with the help of certain features, aiding the visualizer in conducting the test.

The color matching cabinet has a standardized & optimized lighting condition allowing the visualizer to gain more optical clarity and thus derive results with a lot more accuracy.

The color measurement testing machine contains a wide-viewing area which allows the lightening to get spread out uniformly, determining the evenness and the intensity of the paint with a lot more precision.

The instrument achieves at highest levels of accuracy for the color measurement of yarn as it is equipped with the finest and most advanced lighting tech currently available.


The instrument is designed with top-notch engineering by Testronix to derive high precision levels while deriving the color measurement of fabric. The instrument is equipped with 5 light emitting sources which are highly advanced and maintain compliance with state-of-the-art technology. The instrument also allows the visualizer to conduct the test at two different angles to ensure high levels of accuracy.

The instrument also carries features along with compliances with different designated industry standards urging manufacturers from different industries to get their hands on the instrument.

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