Color Measurement Devices for Textiles

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Color Spaces in Testing Devices

Color space is an organization of all the colors. The concept of color space is utilized in all color measuring devices and allows the representation of colors on digital display in the form of numbers. Color space is an arbitrary thing which is assigned to set of color swatches and certain name is assigned to the color space with structured mathematical or pantone collection such as RGB or CMYK. Color Model is an abstract model that describes the colors as tuples of numbers for example – quadruples in CMYK, and triples in RGB.

Importance of Color Spaces for color measurement

Color spaces are widely used in the textile industry for the purpose of accurate color matching and ensuring the best color quality of products. The textile products greatly depend on their appearance for their popularity. If a product is not incorporated with the best color quality, then it can have a negative impact on the popularity of the products. There are many different ways of matching and measuring the color quality of the products in the textile industry.

  • Pantone Swatches

Pantone swatches are one of the most commonly used examples of color spaces that are used for matching and measuring the color of the products. The Pantone’s swatches have a series of swatches or small cuttings of fabrics that have a range of shades of colors which help the manufacturers in finding the most appropriate color shade for their products and achieve the exact color quality of the product. The sample is matched with the desired Pantone swatch under the different light sources that are provided by a color matching cabinet.

  • Color Matching Cabinets

A color matching cabinet is a wooden box that is provided with six different light sources that are used for matching the samples under different lighting conditions so that the problem of metamerism could be removed from the sample.

  • Spectrophotometer

Matching and measuring the color of textile products with these methods does not very accurate results as they all are dependent on the visual analysis of the carol. For more accurate results, the textile color measuring instruments like portable spectrophotometer should be used. A spectrophotometer is a highly advanced instrument that can measure the color with the help of advanced optical principles and color difference formulas. The instrument can measure and analyze a wide range of color spaces hence are best for accurate measurement of the textile products.

Testronix offers very high-quality portable spectrophotometers that assure accurate analysis of the color quality of products along with a high rate of repeatability.

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