How to Measure the Differences in Colors

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colorimeters, the best way of color measurement, nowadays are widely used in different production segments such as in industries and laboratories for research and analysis to express the color differences numerically and to measure the colors easily and appropriately between two samples. The vast number of applications where these colorimeters are used to enhance the quality of production are textiles, paints, inks, apparels, plastics, food and beverages, cosmetics and in numerous industries where  products reflect colors. The importance of colors measurement is growing day by day with the increase in the global manufacturing process.  For example, when automotive manufacturers produce one part of the vehicle then it is necessary to match the color of other parts with that color also. It means description of colors and color measurement becomes a major issue that needs to be controlled.

The perception of human beings regarding the colors varies widely due to the angle of observation, illumination and surrounding colors. Color measurement instruments provide a set of standardized tools that helps to assure the color & consistency and ensures the best level of production. To read on Color measurements devices, visit:

Colorimetry is the general term which is used for color measurement devices; these devices are different from spectrophotometers and color matching cabinets, another method of color measuring. In colorimeters, the color is analyzed on the theory of color vision which explains that a human eye can read three primary colors i.e. red, blue and green and only the mixture of these three colors form a variety of colors.

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