Calculate the GSM of Paper & Fabrics by Precise Cutting with the GSM round Cutter

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In the rigid paper & packaging industry, the first & foremost pointer to perform any testing like a bursting strength test is to evaluate the GSM of the paper on which the test is being conducted. It is highly important for the manufacturer of the product to use the paper that has the perfect GSM for the designated task it is consumed.

To attain the GSM levels of a paper or a corrugated sheet, the manufacturer has to condition the moisture content with the help of a moisture meter and evaluate the weight through the weighing balance.

GSM levels of a paper

However to make this process seamless and price the finest lab testing producer in the country brings top-notch equipment called the GSM round cutter.

The GSM round cutter is introduced by Testronix to ensure that the testing is conducted on a properly cut & conditioned specimen for achieving higher levels of accuracy and attaining maximum output from the same.

Manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry had to face a lot of trouble before this high-quality lab testing instrument, however, the instrument has upgraded the testing standards since its introduction by minimizing human effort and thus eliminating human error.

The GSM round cutter has provided a sense of assurance when it comes to conditioning the specimen due to its ergonomic design which empowers manufacturers to perform the tasks adeptly.

Functioning Module of a GSM Round Cutter

The GSM Round Cutter has an extremely optimized way of conditioning the specimen i.e. cutting the specimen precisely into a circular sample that measures up to 100 cm2.

Module of a GSM Round Cutter

At the beginning of the test, the operator of the device must keep the specimen on top of the rubber pad provided along with the GSM round cutter for paper.

GSM round cutter corrugated sheet

The instrument is kept on top of the paper and the safety key ensures that the cutters of the instrument do not come out without the requirement being detached, allowing the German-made cutters to extend out.

Once the safety latch is detached, the cutters of the instrument are extended out. The operator can now simply exert pressure on the rotating wheel and rotate it in a clockwise direction.

GSM round cutter for paper

With the cutters out, the clockwise direction movement of the GSM round cutter for paper ensures the perfect circular cut of the specimen. Once, the specimen is carved perfectly it is placed on the weighing balance.

The weighing balance determines the weight of the specimen per 100 cm2 and that’s how the operator determines the GSM of the paper or corrugated sheet.

The GSM round cutter manufacturer has loaded certain top-notch features in the instrument to enhance the operations and ensure repeatable accuracy.

GSM Round Cutter Characteristics Ensuring Seamless Operation

The GSM round-cutting instrument is equipped with a lot of features that ensure longevity, ease of testing as well as accuracy-driven results consistently.

The lab testing equipment has an incorporation of four German-made steel cutters that glide through the surface of the specimen, cutting it perfectly for the weighing balance.

GSM round-cutting instrument

These cutters perform a single-cut methodology while cutting the specimen which ensures that the life-cycle of the remaining three cutters is increased and the overall longevity of the device is also promised.

The GSM round-cutting instrument has attracted the likes of a lot of manufacturers due to the embodiment of the safety latch or safety key that ensures the blades or cutters of the instrument remain stationary until forced out. This safeguards the operators from unnecessary cuts & other incidents.

The smooth rotating wheel of the instrument makes the functioning even more seamless and provides an assurance of break-free cutting with absolute facile.

The rubber pad offered along with the GSM round cutter ensures that the operator can easily place the specimen over it rather than a hard surface that might hamper the edges of the German-made blades and thus the accuracy for further testing processes.

These features have contributed a lot towards the accuracy of the instrument. Manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry have also shared their interests in these top-notch features of the lab testing equipment.

GSM round cutter

There are certain technical specifications that the manufacturer from the paper & packaging industry must adhere to before getting their hands on the GSM round paper cutting instrument.

Technical Specifications of the GSM Round Cutter

  • The instrument has a sample cutting area of 100 cm2 which is constructed in compliance with all the designated standards, building assurance in the minds of manufacturers.
  • The rotator wheel has to be rotated clockwise up to 25% of the complete rotation because of the 4-blade technology the lab testing instrument is equipped with.
  • The instrument is equipped with a safety latch for the safety of the operator from cuts & other accidental measures.
  • The material used for manufacturing the product is mild steel & stainless steel which ensures the longevity of the instrument against rusting by adding corrosion-resistant properties.

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