Top 5 Things You Should Know About GSM Round Cutter

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The GSM is considered to be the grams per square meter and can easily measure the area and mass of the fabric. This testing instrument will be helpful in calculating the mass per unit of area in grams per square meter. Thus, it will be easy for you to test the grammage of samples by cutting it with the help of GSM round cutter. This testing instrument by Testronix Testing Instruments is used in textile, paper and packaging industries. It has the ability to measure the quality and resilience of materials.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you some effective information about several things about GSM round cutter. But before that, we will let you know some amazing features that you will get with Testronix GSM cutter machine. So, let us get started!

Amazing features of GSM round cutter that you should know

The GSM round cutter testing equipment from Testronix has been equipped with several amazing features that will let you easily calculate the grams per square meter of the specimen.  Here we have created a list of its features that you can consider for testing the GSM of fabric or paper with this testing instrument.

  • It has high quality aluminum body
  • This instrument is light weight and have resilient structure
  • It provides highly accurate testing results
  • It contains heavy duty and robust blades
  • A safety latch facility will also be available to make sure there will be no injury while testing.

These are some amazing features that you will get with the use of this testing instrument from Testronix. You can easily order it from Testronix at best available prices.

Now, let us focus on the top 5 things that you must know about GSM round cutter.

  • GSM round cutter are designed to calculate GSM of materials.

The GSM round cutter from Testronix Testing Instruments is designed in such a way that it provides the best and accurate results without putting extra efforts.  You can easily calculate the GSM of fabrics, paper cardboard, or any non-woven fabrics with the help of this testing instrument.

  • A GSM cutter consists of a blade that rotates around an axle or spindle

This sleek and rounded metal device with a knob in the center contains the blades that are mounted in the bottom. These blades will help to cut the fabric with ease and you can place them on the testing scale after cutting.

  • You can control the cutting depth with hand pressure on the tool's handle

While using the GSM round cutter from Testronix Testing Instrument, you can easily control the cutting depth of a sample with the help of hand pressure you apply.

  • Samples that needs to be cut in circular shape can be used in GSM round cutter

The GSM round cutter is one of the most innovative new products in the industry, making cutting your fabric quick and easy process. The unique circular design allows you to easily cut any material (like a fabric, for example) with just a few rotations. This will help to evaluate the GSM of that material with ease.

  • With this instrument you can easily evaluate product’s quality

When you make the use of this GSM round cutting instrument then you can easily help to evaluate the product quality. This GSM round cutter cuts fabric without the struggles of jamming it through blades and risking distortion or snags.

These are top 5 things that you should know about GSM round cutter. To get the precise results, you can easily go use this testing instrument from Testronix. This will help to ease your sample cutting process. Just give us a call at +91 9313 140 140   or email us at to get FREE sample testing.

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