Significance of GSM Round Cutter in the Paper Industry

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The GSM or gram per square meter is one of the important properties of the material that will help to evaluate its quality. For instance, the paper with low grammage is best suitable for some specific applications while the paper with high grammage is best suited for others. Therefore, knowing the ideal GSM of paper-related products will help you in making a good decision regarding its applications. Thus, you can easily check the grammage of paper or other materials with the help of the Testronix grammage checking kit. The GSM round cutter and weighing balance are two essential components of this kit.

The GSM round cutter is one of the highly precise testing instruments from Testronix that will help you with the accurate cutting of specimens. In this blog, we are going to discuss the significance of GSM round cutters in the paper industry.

A brief about GSM round cutter

The GSM round cutter is one of the highly used testing instruments from Testronix Testing Instruments that will help you with the precise cutting of testing samples. The main body of this testing specimen has been made with excellent quality aluminum casting and is lightweight and resilient. The lock system will also be provided for safety. The GSM round cutter can easily be used in various industries like acrylic sheets, aluminum and foils, fabric materials, thermal paper, and many more. The main unit of this testing instrument will contain the knob, outer body, safety pin, side cover, locking screw, inner body, blade screw, blade, and steel plate.

You just need to put the sample on the cutting pad and slight pressure on the specimen will be applied through the handle. This will bring high-quality internal blades in contact with the sample. After that, the specimen will be cut by rotating the handle under pressure. You will get a clean and accurately cut sample with smooth edges with the use of this testing instrument. We have also listed the features and technical specifications of this testing instrument below.

Features of GSM round cutter

The GSM round cutter will make it easy for you to test the grammage of specimens by accurately cutting them. This testing instrument has been used in the textile, paper, and packaging industry to accurately measure the quality as well as the resilience of materials. There are many features you will get with the use of this testing instrument.

  • It comes with a high-quality aluminum body.
  • This is a lightweight testing instrument with a resilient structure.
  • You will get highly accurate testing results.
  • Heavy-duty and robust blades have been embedded in this testing instrument.
  • A safety latch has also been provided to make sure that there will be no injury while testing.
  • Easy to use testing instrument.

These are some of the amazing features you will get with the use of this testing instrument. Now, let us discuss the technical specifications of it.

Technical specifications of GSM round cutter

  • The sample is to be put in an area of 100 square cm.
  • The movement of the handle will be 1/4th round to cut the sample accurately.
  • 4 precision blades will also be provided to accurately cut the sample.
  • A safety latch will be provided with this testing instrument.

These are the technical specifications of the GSM round cutter from Testronix Testing Instruments. Now, let us focus on the significance of this testing instrument in the paper industry.

Role of GSM round cutter in paper industry

The GSM round cutter will firmly hold the sample to perform uniform cutting of material. It comes with replaceable blades with a GSM pad that will help you to place the sample accurately. In the paper industry, this testing instrument plays a significant role in testing the grammage. Its user-friendly design and advanced features make it easy for you to test the specimen accurately. While using this lab testing instrument, you can easily control the cutting depth of the sample by firmly applying the pressure on it. This is one of the innovative testing instruments from Testronix that comes with pocket-friendly prices. To know more about this laboratory testing equipment, give us a call at +91 9313 140 140 or email us at We will surely assist you regarding your queries.

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