What is GSM in Paper?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The term GSM stands for Grams in Square Meter. It is a parameter that helps to know the quality of the paper. It is a way of measuring the weight of the paper also known as grammage. The more the number of GSM denotes the heavier page. For the printing industry, knowing GSM for paper is very important. It does not signify the thickness of the paper.

Common GSM Calculation Method For Various Paper Sizes

For the printing process, you need to know the correct size and weight of the paper. Here are some parameters used to measure the paper size and GSM

  • ISO A Measurement

ISO A is an International standard for Paper measurement that counts in meters and millimeters.

  • ISO B Measurements

This global standard for paper measurement is mainly used to measure poster paper. It results in inches or millimeters.

  • ISO C Measurements

It is another global standard that applies to envelopes' sizes corresponding to various A sizes of paper. It also provides the results in millimeters or inches.

About GSM Calculation
To attain the best purpose of paper, it is better to do Paper GSM calculation. With the use of scale and ruler, it can be measured, but for the professional and industrial processes, other methods are practiced.

Here is the formula to calculate GSM for Paper

GSM = Weight of the paper/ Sample length*Sample Width
The weight of paper is counted in grams whereas the length and width of the sample paper are counted in meters.

The GSM cutter machine is a useful testing instrument that helps to weigh the paper by proper cutting.

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