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Digital Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

Testronix’s Digital Gloss Meter Tri-angle is a device which is designed specially to measure the gloss reflection on the surface of the material. The instrument is provided with numerous geometrical angles to fulfill the testing need of a vast number of customers. The device is designed specifically to measure the gloss of a particular surface and to ascertain the amount of light which is redirected from the material.

It is an extremely appropriate testing device to test the gloss of different products such as plastics, metals, paints, papers and ceramics. It is very portable and handy testing device which is operated by a handy battery. The gloss of the material can be measured from different geometrical angles i.e. 20°, 60°, 85°. It is highly sensitive and compact device which is available in various models mainly to fulfill different testing purposes. The instrument is used to measure the brightness, whiteness of the various products such as white sugar and many more and also measure the reflectance of the fabrics when placed in different lighting conditions. It provides great correlation of shining or visual gloss when the sample is placed flat. The correlation of the glass changes if the sample is tilted from the flat position. The procedure is used to measure the shine, appearance, and quality of the products.

The instrument is more suitable to measure the gloss of paints, brightness of paints, opaque glasses, plastics, ceramics, pigments, papers, powders, clothes and many more.

Related Standards ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, GB/T 9754.

  • It measures 5x36mm area of the sample from 85-degree angle, 9x15mm area at 60-degree angle and 10x10m m area from 20-degree angle.
  • The instrument offers the division value of 0.1 GU.
  • It provides a measuring range of 0~1000GU from 20 degree, 0~1000GU from 60 degree, 0~160GU from 85 degree.
  • The instrument offers different measurement units i.e.
  •      Range :  – 100-1000GU, 10-100GU, 0-10GU.
  •      Reproducibility :  – ± 0.5%GU, ± 0.5GU, ± 0.2GU
  •      Repeatability  : – ± 0.2%GU, ± 0.2GU, ± 0.1GU
  • Measurements of the device are done on the basis of the standards JJG696. The standard fulfills the working requirement of Gloss Meter.
  • The chromaticity of the instrument is correspondent to the CIE 1931(2°) which is done under CIE C light source.
  • Some Standard Accessories are also delivered with the device which makes the working of the instrument easily. The accessories are: Power Adapter, User Manual, USB cable, Calibration Plate, and software CD (except basic model) The Device with different geometry degree measurements is also available on customer’s demand.

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