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Metal Components Testing

Materials testing and quality control play a key role in every industry. Thus, every metallic material and metal component must undergo rigorous quality checks & testing.

Moreover, each application within the manufacturing process requires a unique set of testing requirements. Hence, corrosion testing and tensile testing to check strength & resistance to corrosion, of metal components for clutch materials testing can be used to determine if any product defects do occur along the way.

Testronix Testing Instruments assists manufacturers and suppliers with durable and reliable testing equipment along the entire product development and supply chain of metal parts and components. These testing machines ensure that your material selection is approved and optimized.

Our solutions for the metal component industry include various Material Strength Testing Machines.

Strength of materials is an important aspect of component safety, thus, when selecting materials, strength must be evaluated to satisfy the standards. Besides testing static characteristics of springs and failure tests of parts, it is also necessary to conduct strength evaluations of materials—including metals, plastics, rubbers, and films. For such evaluations the following testing equipment is important.

Tensile Strength Tester – Tensile testing is the most important part of the metal testing process. For metal manufacturing, lightweight, high-strength materials are essential. Keeping this in mind, it is useful to develop this strong type of sheet metal and perform quality control, so tensile testing is necessary.

Testronix Tensile Testing machine is primarily used to evaluate the breaking strength of metal components, as well metal parts.

It is also important to measure the mechanical properties of new lighter weight, high strength alloys, since these can used in the production of metal body panels and other components. Using a Universal Testing machine helps manufacturers to determine not just the tensile strength, but also the process-hardening coefficients (n values), rupture strength and elastic modulus.

Corrosion Testing

Resistance to corrosion can be evaluated using a Salt Spray Chamber. It is a very reliable & effective piece of equipment, wherein, the sample is placed inside the salt spray chamber and is exposed to a very intensive salt-based atmosphere for a specified period of time.

Testronix Salt Spray Chamber is widely used to perform accelerated corrosion testing on a wide variety of automobile and metal parts - such as coated & uncoated panels, screws, nuts & bolts, finished parts, automobile components, mechanical parts, springs and bearings.
All testing procedures and instruments manufactured by Testronix Instruments are strictly in accordance with ISO, ASTM, and other standards.



Q. What is the use of metal testing instruments?

There are various materials and substances around us made of metal. It is very important to check the quality and durability of these metallic components which are used in manufacturing. Metallic component testing instruments can help manufacturers in improving the quality and durability.

Q. What is the price of metal testing instruments in India?

The price range of the Metal components testing instruments varies largely depending on the size, quality and makers. Generally, it starts from as low as INR 8000 which can rise up to INR 20lakhs for high-end test and simulation chambers. While buying the testing equipment, you must check the quality of the products.

Q. From where to buy genuine metal testing instruments?

Genuine metal testing instruments are very important to ensure the quality of the end products. For that, you need to locate the genuine manufacturers of the instruments. It is important whether or not the vendor has a manufacturing unit and in-house dedicated service team. You need to check the reviews and feedback of the previous buyers as well.

Q. How to get a free quotation for metal testing instruments?

To get a free quotation for the metal testing equipment, you need to contact genuine and authentic manufacturers. You can visit their website to get the contact number or email id. To get a free quotation from Testronix Instruments you can also contact the company at +91 9313 140 140 or