Visual Assessment of Paint Color with D65 Light Box

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Paint color on walls often exhibit the phenomenon of metamerism when seen under different lighting conditions. Especially the difference in daylight and artificial evening light can make the room looks completely different. Inspecting paint color in daylight without using any machine can deliver errors, however a precise visual assessment of paint color with Colour Matching Cabinet is the renowned solution.

The D65 Light box is specially designed by Testronix to determine the color consistency in more than one material under different lighting conditions. It is a highly standardized equipment. It follows CIE international standards for color measurement and visual analysis of material. The principle used by the device is based on the theory of metamerism which says that a single hue can appear different under different lighting conditions.

It allows angular visual assessment with 45 degree tilted specimen platform. This technique is considered to be ideal for viewing object under D65 and other light sources. They are used for color quality control in various labs and industries. Offers a wide viewing area with zero space limitations. One can test wide sizes and shapes of material inside the cabinet.

Along with D65 or artificial daylight, the machine is equipped with TL84 (Triphosphor Fluorescent Light), UV Black light, Tungsten Filament Light and Cool White Light. A highly precise time totalizer installed for calculating the exposure time.

The painted specimen can be placed on the angular specimen plate for observation and lights can be switched on. Under distinct lights one can see the color difference and note. The visual assessment can be easily performed with the color matching box.

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