Colour Matching Solution for Industries – D65 Light Box

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Appropriate lighting is very important, otherwise it severely impact the appearance of the object. Lighting conditions and viewing conditions play a crucial role in making the colour perception. In domestic applications, it really does not matter how your object is appearing under different light sources. But in a commercial application, the light sources are chosen wisely. If for some reasons, lighting conditions cannot be controlled, relative authorities have developed, which specifies D65 as the primary daylight viewing condition and others as secondary sources to check for metamerism.

Metamerism is the natural phenomenon in which an object appears differently in distinct lights. This is a major problem for manufacturers because manufacturers’ conditions differ from clients’ conditions and every client has different lighting conditions. Installation of the D65 Light Box helps the manufacturer to make products which comply with colour matching standards.

A colour viewing booth or D65 light box is equipped with different light sources. In this post, we would discuss various light sources that are used in the booth.

D65 – It is a light blue coloured light and used in applications like the colour matching of paints, textiles, automotive, plastic, inks etc.  It is used as a primary light source in different products and highlights blue, red and subdues green. Used as day light source, it complies with testing standard ASTM D1729- 2016.

UV Light – This is the invisible part of the light spectrum but has a considerable effect on colours. It has the tendency to stimulate optical brightener agents and fluorescent pigments. Both these agents reflect light in the blue region. Some products have deliberately added optical brightener agents to get an intended unusual colour effect.

CWF (Cool White Fluorescent) Light – This light source is widely used in commercial applications in different parts of the world. It has a colour temperature of approximately 4150K and a CRI of approximately 62. This light source emits a huge amount of green and some amount of red energy.

LT 84 (Point of Sale) – It’s a narrow band triphosphoric fluorescent light source and simulates CIE standard illuminant F11. It is widely used in the commercial application is different parts of the world. It emits green energy and has a CRI of 86 with colour temperature 4100K.

Tungsten Light – Although it is less popular for colour matching application, still used in some industries. It is a white source of light and widely used in videography and photography applications.

Testronix’s D65 Light Box is equipped with all these light sources that help colour matching in different applications. Contact our experts today to know more about the colour matching booth.

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